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Walt & Tammie Jurek

Featured Speakers

Walt and Tammie are parents to four homeschooled, adult children. With more than 24 years in the homeschool community, they are now assisting with their five grandchildren. Together, they launched the Design Discovery and Development Foundation to help people of all ages discover, develop, and operate in their God-given design to maximize the 80 years or so they have on this planet.

Through their Aiming Your Arrows workshop, they equip parents to discover the uniqueness of their children to aim those children in their education, career, and life.

With the Career Aptitude and Outlook Assessment (CAOA), they help students discover careers that best fit their God-given design, the educational requirements for those careers, the schools with the programs to fulfill those requirements, the 10-year outlook for jobs in those careers, AND the salary expectations. They look forward to engaging in the homeschool community in Virginia!

Walt and Tammie’s Workshops: 

Session 1

High School: Taking the Scary Out of Making Career Decisions

Don’t spend $20,000 or more at college only to discover what degree and career your child shouldn’t pursue! Together we’ll explore a few tools to find the colleges and careers that fit your child’s God-given design, so you can be a good steward of your time, treasure, and student’s life!

Session 2

The Design Discovery Workshop

Explore some tools to discover the God-given design of each member of your family—including what kind of smart you are!

Session 3

Career Conversation Panel

Session 5

Dad Conversation Panel