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Why Support HEAV?

HEAV Stands with You…

…ANY time you have a homeschool question!

Every day, our team of consultants take calls from PARENTS LIKE YOU. Parents who had questions about

  • testing their child with special needs
  • what to do when test scores and Notice of Intent are late;
  • have struggles with their support group;
  • a teen who doesn’t want to be homeschooled;
  • truancy problems when when they withdrew from public school;
  • differences between homebound instruction and home education;
  • homeschooling and the military;
  • how a parent without a high school diploma can homeschool;
  • opting out their five-year-old from kindergarten;
  • teaching their teen how to drive;
  • the certified tutor statute vs. homeschool statute;
  • and many other questions

We’re privileged to be there for you and for thousands of others, any time help or encouragement are need.

Won’t you help make a difference for a homeschool family?

Please support HEAV and let us continue to be stronger together.

Stand Together. Stand Strong.

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