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Sharon Jeffus

Sharon has a B.S.S.E. in art education from John Brown University. She is certified to teach English, and she studied painting and sculpting. She has written over 20 books and developed the Visual Manna teaching method, where art is integrated with art appreciation, techniques, vocabulary, and core subjects. She has written curricula for public, private, and homeschool venues, including a Native American arts and crafts program.

Sharon’s Art Camps and Workshops: 

Thursday noon-1 p.m.

Elementary American Art Camp

Thursday 2-3 p.m.

Middle School American Art Camp

Session 2

Teaching Art at Home for All Ages

This workshop talks about how to teach art to children from preschool to high school. The handout will cover what content needs to be covered at each age (learning expectations), incorporating art history into each lesson, which supplies work the best, and encouraging creativity while teaching the elements and principles of art in a really exciting way.

Session 6

Using Art to Reinforce Core Subjects

This workshop goes over projects that reinforce core learning. It covers the famous early American scientists (who were first artists); math and art concepts as seen in Raphael and Escher’s work; English and art visual learning samples and the combination of literature and art; and learning history in visual ways, including Catlin’s journal and his covering the history of the Native American (including the Mandan tribe); and artist Jaque-Louis David, who pictured the Napoleonic war, to name a few. The handout is filled with fun and hands-on projects for your visual and kinesthetic learners.