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September 5, 2012


A Special Family Event    The Family Foundation

Truth or Consequence:
A Personal and National Decision

An Evening with Dr. Del Tackett

Sponsored by The Family Foundation

Thursday, September 13, 2012

If you’ve ever been part of a Truth Project small group, you know just how dynamic and inspiring Dr. Tackett–author of Focus on the Family’s Truth Project–can be. He has challenged the thoughts of millions of people, and his presentation, Truth or Consequence: A Personal and National Decision, is sure to be motivational, educational, and encouraging. With an incredibly low cost–just $5 per person or $10 per family–this is a marvelous opportunity to meet Dr. Tackett in person. Join The Family Foundation at Grove Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond on Thursday, September 13, at 7 p.m. Read more about this special event in this article by Victoria Cobb, or register here.

Dr. Tackett will also be addressing The Family Foundation’s Pastor for Family Values Pastor Summit during the day on September 13. Let your pastor and church leaders know!

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Homeschool Day At the State Fair 


Tickets Are Now Available!  Homeschool Day at the State Fair 

Homeschool Day at the Virginia State Fair is coming up on Monday, October 1, 2012. Thanks to HEAV’s partnership with the State Fair, you and your family can attend at a discounted price! View more details about Homeschool Day at the State Fair, and get your tickets now! Tickets must be ordered through the HEAV office by September 14, 2012.


Save the Date!     

Convention 2013 Plans Are Underway!

It’s HEAV’s 30th anniversary, and we are working to bring you an extra-incredible line-up of speakers.  

The 2013 Virginia Homeschool Convention “Home Education: A Bountiful Harvest,” will be held June 6-8, 2013, at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. Mark your calendar now, and stay tuned for more information.  


Be sure to pick up FREE bookmarks for the whole family at the next HEAV Homeschool Day event.   


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Colonial Williamsburg Worth seeing. Worth remembering. Worth passing on.


Students arriving here are in for an unforgettable experience. They’ll enjoy special tours featuring hands-on, interactive activities that make events from the past come alive. Don’t miss this chance to help your kids gain insights that will last a lifetime. Visits can be tailored to any group’s needs.  

Learn more.


Dance Program to Enhance Confidence, Poise, Strength, Flexibility, and Teamwork

Dancesport Virginia’s Children’s Dance program will provide a high-quality dance experience in a fun manner. Students will develop coordination, and self-expression while learning the values of perseverance, discipline, and cooperation. Dance is a good foundation for a healthy, happy lifestyle. Call the studio for more information 757-473-3267.


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BoxTops Deadline Is Monday! 

It’s time to send in your Box Tops! EVERY little bit helps!
If eac
h person who receives this newsletter sends in just 10 labels, we could raise approximately $10,000! The submission deadline is THIS Monday, September 10! Thank you to everyone who has already sent in their Box Tops!
Read more about Box Tops for Education.


Volunteers Needed This Week!

Help Sort Box Tops 

Attention Richmond families! The HEAV office urgently needs volunteers to come into the office THIS WEEK to help cut, count, and sort Box Tops. If interested, please call 804-278-9200.

Box Tops volunteers qualify for the HEAV Volunteer Voucher program. Earn a $2 reward coupon for each hour you volunteer. Coupons may then be redeemed for select HEAV merchandise or payment toward registration costs for the Virginia Homeschool Convention or Homeschool Success Seminars. (Vouchers are not redeemable for cash.)

Website Login — An Upcoming Feature in Process 

The login tab near the top of the website (under the HEAV logo) is not yet operable. To access your membership information and get store discounts, please click the “Login” tab in the dropdown menu under “Store.”

Thank you for your patience (and prayers) as we continue to add new features to the HEAV website! 


Looking for Ideas?  

Get Olympic Games Unit Studies at SchoolhouseTeachers.com. This is a members-only website created by The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Members have access to exclusive lessons 24/7/365.


Support HEAV When You Join SchoolhouseTeachers.com

HEAV is an affiliate member, and a portion of your membership there will go towards supporting the work of HEAV when you sign up through our affiliate link.


Share an Event

Hear of an interesting event that you’d like to share with other Virginia homeschool families? Fill out the form on our website to include an event in a future Virginia Homeschool Update. Note: Please submit items for inclusion as early as possible–one month ahead is preferable.


Couldn’t Make the Link? Here You Go!Educational Tours & Fiber Workshops at Alpaca Pastures of Virginia

Last week’s Alpaca Farm Tours ad link didn’t work correctly, but don’t let that stop you from making the connection!


Educational Tours & Fiber Workshops at Alpaca Pastures of Virginia

Alpaca Farm Tour: Visit the barn and learn how alpacas are raised, see how fleece is processed, “Touch” the fleece. Add a Fiber Workshop and make a craft out of alpaca fiber: Learn wet felting, make a refrigerator magnet, or color a worksheet. Call Sherry: 804-449-1423.  


Looking for a Parenting Resource? It’s in the Bag! 

In-the-Bag Deal — Save Up to $61 Off the Retail Price

For the whole month of September, we’re offering the convention “In-the-Bag” specials on our website at the same bargain price convention attendees love. The entire “In-the-Bag” pack is MORE THAN 65% off the retail price. With three packs to choose from–and your choice of a black or red tote bag–you’re certain to find the right pack for you! Get more information here.

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An HEAV-Sponsored Event!  

Homeschool Appreciation Day at Virginia Air & Space Center
Wednesday, September 12 – Hampton, Virginia

Your imagination will soar as you enjoy interactive educational programs that will have you construct a futuristic Mars outpost, enjoy an “electrifying” science demonstration, learn about the Mars Science Laboratory mission, and so much more! Also, find out how the NASA Educator Resource Center (ERC) can enhance your curriculum in a variety of ways, including homeschool workshop opportunities and minicamps.

Biltmore MansionAn HEAV-Sponsored Event!

11th Annual Fall Homeschool Festival at the Biltmore

Thursday, September 20 to Friday, September 21, 2012 – Asheville, North Carolina

Get to know the Vanderbilts–how they lived, traveled, and entertained–and what their contribution was to their community and state! Learn about the Vanderbilts’ private railway car, find out how steamships sent messages, enjoy lawn and parlor games, and much more!

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Article of the Week

Overwhelmed? Be Encouraged! – David and Lana

Lana, a regular member of The Homeschool Post blog, has help from her husband on this open and honest post about a realistic attitude towards homeschooling. They depend on God for aid and give Him the credit for successes. It’s a short read that will bless you.


Homeschool Q&A

Facing Criticism

Q. I’m overwhelmed with negative comments and criticism from a close family member who does not support our decision to homeschool. How should I respond without creating more of a problem? 

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1) Homeschool Items

View All Homeschool Items

1.1 Colonial Williamsburg Homeschooler Experience – Williamsburg – September 8 Through 23
1.2 Homeschool Nature Club – Roanoke/Daleville – Register by September 10
1.3 Homeschool Day at Historic Tredegar – Richmond – Register by September 11

1.4 Homeschool Bowling League – Richmond – September 12 Through December 19
1.5 Free Longwood University Class for High Schoolers – Online – Register by September 16
1.6 Workshop with Diana Waring – Bristow – September 17

1.7 Homeschool Day: The African American Experience: From Slavery to Emancipation – Richmond – Register by October 12

1.8 Homeschool Spelling Bee 2013 – Glen Allen – Register Now for January 3, 2013 Bee

1.9 Tidewater Christian Homeschool Spelling Bee – Hampton Roads – Registering Now

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2) General Interest Items 

2.1 Drums Alive! The Life of a Civil War Drummer – Smithfield – Register by September 13
2.2 Rare NASA Langley Open House – Hampton – September 22
2.3 40 Days for Life – Nationwide – September 26 Through November 4
2.4 Free Museum Day – Nationwide – September 29
2.5 Voice of the Martyrs Conferences – Nationwide – Multiple Dates

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3) Cool Sites for Homeschoolers

View All Cool Sites for Homeschoolers

3.1 Christian Resources: “Christian Perspectives” – Encouragement!
3.2 Thrifty Ideas: One Harvest Food Ministries
3.3 Preschool and Kindergarten: Sticky Note Hunt

3.4 Science: Visual Record – Every Hurricane and Tropical Storm Since 1951
3.5 Fun: Christian Movie Reviews – Cinema in Focus

3.6 Needlework: Free Crochet Lessons

3.7 Foreign Language: Spanish Word of the Day

3.8 Geography: WorldAtlas

3.9 Cooking: Breakfast Tips from Living On A Dime®

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4) Parting Thought – Fibonacci Numbers: “The Fingerprint of God”

See an astounding and beautiful video on YouTube showing God’s mathematical handiwork as seen in His creation.


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5) Worth Repeating   

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.”



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6) Verse of the Week   

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen.

– Matthew 28:20 (KJV)


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7) Homeschool Laugh of the Week

Laugh of the Week
Taken from The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons (www.familymanweb.com). Reprinted with Permission.

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