HEAV’S Virginia Homeschool Update


May 1, 2013


Just Five Weeks to the Convention!


Workshops by Session Are Now Available Online

Check out the convention schedule and start planning your trip!


Convention Gifts Virtual Gift Basket

It Actually Pays YOU to Come to the Convention

1) Virtual Gift Basket   

Each convention participant will receive a virtual gift basket full of coupons, specials, printouts, and more–worth at least $300. We appreciate your attendance and want to bless you with this gift. Watch for the special access code at the convention!


2) PLUS–SchoolhouseTeachers.com Subscription Schoolhouse Teachers

Given Away with Every Registration  

Plus, get a FREE one-year membership to SchoolhouseTeachers.com (regular price is $64.95), and a FREE subscription to the Old Schoolhouse Digital Magazine when you register for the convention. Just click ‘yes’ to the free gift offer on your registration form, and your free subscription will begin in July 2013. Learn more about SchoolhouseTeachers.com here.


Do You Have a Golden Ticket?Golden Ticket 

Everyone who volunteers at least two hours at the convention gets one! Your golden ticket gets you into the UCS at 9 a.m. Friday morning–a full hour before the general public! There are still lots of positions available, so check out the schedule to see what works best for you, fill out the easy volunteer application, and get your UCS early-entry golden ticket!

Duggar Tickets

Those with full, three-day registrations may reserve tickets to a Duggar keynote session. Sessions will be randomly assigned, and you will receive an e-mail prior to the convention telling you whether you have tickets to the 8:30 p.m. or the 1:30 p.m. keynote. (Tickets are not available with shopping-only, scholarship, and free-parent-of-preschooler registrations.)

Preregister soon–tickets are going very quickly! Overflow seating will be provided for those who preregister after Ballroom capacity has been met.

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Get a well-deserved break: KOA 2nd Annual Homeschoolers Appreciation Weekend!Get a well-deserved break: KOA 2nd Annual Homeschoolers Appreciation Weekend!

Build family memories and hang out with other homeschoolers at family-friendly Virginia Beach KOA! Camp or stay in a convenient cabin. Weekend fun includes family games, crafts, tie-dye, a bonfire, prizes, homeschool Q&A time, and all the fun amenities of the campground. Call 800-562-4150 to reserve. Learn more.


Wholesome Campus

Wholesome Campus Is an Enrichment Center for the Well-Rounded Child!
Enhance your homeschool curriculum with Art, Cooking, Sewing, Fitness and Jump Rope! Avoid summer boredom with our unique summer camp program. Your child will cook, dance, create and jump their way through an exciting week of enriching activities in a small camp setting.
Visit www.wholesomecampus.com f703-657-2718 to schedule a tour.

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Every Family Bring a Family for an Action-Packed Day!

New to homeschooling–or know someone who is? Bring them to the convention with you on Thursday! Anyone can attend three, free sessions and afterwards, shop the Exhibit Hall as our guest–absolutely FREE. And, if you’re registered for the convention, you can attend any number of workshops.     

Yvonne Bunn

FREE “How-to-Begin” Series ~ YVONNE BUNN

  • Introduction to Homeschooling
  • How to Begin: What You Really Need to Know
  • Know the Law: Notifying and Testing Demystified

Homeschooling Through High School ~ DIANE KUMMERDiane Kummer

For the veteran and first-timer alike, Diane’s nuts-n-bolts sessions will help you through those high school years, from developing a plan, to keeping records, to preparing a transcript.

  • Developing a Plan for High School
  • Record Keeping During High School: Simplifying the Process
  • High School Transcript Clinic: Practical Tips and Helps Colin Gunn

Maker of the Film “Indoctrination” ~ COLIN GUNN 

Learn to Write an Essay! ~ ANDREW PUDEWAAndrew Pudewa

Note: The response for Dan Nuckols’ Cartooning Camp has been tremendous, and all sessions, including Thursday afternoon, are full!

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Food Lion Double Credit Day May 10

Effortlessly support HEAV when you use your MVP card to purchase groceries at Food Lion stores on the 10 of this month (next Friday). To choose HEAV as your supported organization, be sure to register your MVP card and use code “218920.”


10% Discount on HEAV Resources

An HEAV membership promotes homeschooling in Virginia, supports homeschool families nationwide, and offers many benefits for your own homeschool. For instance, members receive a 10% discount on most of HEAV’s resources, including the Virginia Homeschool Manual. To view all the membership benefits, click here. Not a member? Join today.

This has been a “bounty” of a year, and we are so grateful for your membership support. Membership cards being sent out as quickly as possible! Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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Can You Help Us Make Phone Calls? Help Wanted!

The convention is just weeks away, and HEAV needs volunteers–especially this week and next week–to help offer churches, media outlets, and others convention materials. Phone calls can be made from your home, and you’ll earn that Golden ticket into UCS at 9 a.m.

If interested, please contact Maureen Bittner at publications@heav.org.  


Are You Bothered By Fussy Children in a Workshop?

Become a Workshop Host or Hostess

Admit it–you know who you are! And here’s your chance to help keep a workshop running smoothly. Our speakers depend on us–and we depend on you–to keep our recorded workshops distraction free. Volunteer to be a workshop host and help parents know when it’s time to step out; parents–and the children–will love you for it!

If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can help keep the room comfortable…make sure the speaker has water…adjust the volume and temperature in the room…hold up signs…maybe read a brief introduction of the speaker. Just choose “workshop host” on the volunteer form here, and Ann Harrell, the workshop host coordinator, will contact you.

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Article of the Week

Ten Compelling Reasons to Keep Homeschooling – Tammy Drennan

No one said homeschooling would be easy! Often, the most worthwhile tasks take the most effort. Gain some insight and encouragement to help you carry on!


Homeschool Q&A

Skipping a Grade

Q. My child is very advanced. Can she skip a grade, and if so, should I notify the superintendent’s office?

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1) Homeschool Items

View All Homeschool Items
1.1 Colonial Poetics and Rhetoric Club Information Meeting – Yorktown – Register by May 13
1.2 Used Curriculum Sale and Homeschool Community Resource Fair – Richmond – May 16
1.3 Lynchburg Museums Homeschool Day – Lynchburg – May 22
1.4 Article: Sam Blumenfeld on “How to Get the Most Out of Homeschool Conventions”

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2) General Interest Items

View All General Interest Items 


2.1 Herb Tour of Fort Boykin – Isle of Wight – Register by May 10

2.2 Civil War Adventure Camp and Reenactment – New Market – Register by May 13

2.3 Quilting Camp – Waterford – June 10-14

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3) Cool Sites for Homeschoolers
View All Cool Sites for Homeschoolers

3.1 Christian Resources: Children’s Stories from Grace Gems
3.2 Thrifty Ideas: Learning A-Z Teacher Appreciation Online Open House – Register Now; Open House Is May 3-7 

3.3 Preschool and Kindergarten: “Preschool for Free at Home”
3.4 Math: Math from a Biblical Perspective

3.5 Foreign Language – Georgia Virtual Learning Shared Resources 

3.6 Family Fun: Ten Things to Do This Summer for $1 or Less
3.7 English: High School English Resources

3.8 History: Hillsdale College’s “Constitution Minute”

3.9 Gardening: Garden Activities with Kids

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4) Parting Thought – Random One-Liners

Forget the health food. At my age, I need all the preservatives I can get.

I wondered why the Frisbee was getting bigger, and then it hit me.

I absolutely love my sleep number desk!!!!

A person sent ten puns to friends, with the hope that at least one of the puns would make them laugh. No pun in ten did.


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Charles Spurgeon

5) Worth Repeating

“It is not outward prosperity which the Christian most desires and values; it is soul prosperity which he longs for. Even in adversity, there is a true prospering, for it is often for the soul’s health–that we would be poor, afflicted and tried. Our worst things–are often our best things! As there is a curse wrapped up in the wicked man’s mercies–so there is a blessing concealed in the godly man’s crosses, losses and sorrows. The trials of the saint are a divine husbandry, by which he grows and brings forth abundant fruit. “

– Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892), well-known British pastor and a prolific writer. Known as the “Prince of Preachers,” Spurgeon is reputed to have spoken to more than 10,000,000 people in his lifetime.


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6) Verse of the Week   

Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.

– Isaiah 41:10 (KJV)

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7) Homeschool Laugh of the Week

Laugh of the Week
Taken from The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons (www.familymanweb.com). Reprinted with Permission.