HEAV’S Virginia Homeschool Update


June 4, 2014



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FREE Parking, Shuttle Bus, and Sight-Seeing Specials

On Friday ONLY, park your car at the Diamond stadium–free of charge–and ride a comfortable coach bus right to the door of the con­vention center! First bus leaves the Diamond at 7:15 a.m.; the last bus will depart the convention center at 7:30 p.m. There is no overnight parking at the Diamond.


Get exclusive discounts for convention attendees at local museums! Just show your HEAV name badge and get half off all Children’s Museum admissions, and buy one get one free at the Science Museum of Virginia!


Volunteers Still Urgently Needed 

It’s not too late to volunteer in several key areas. Come to the convention on any day and bring a heart prepared for service! We’ll find a place for you to help out and bless others.


Did you know? 

National Doughnut Day is June 6

You can get a FREE Krispy Kreme Doughnut, just by visiting your local Krispy Kreme–no purchase necessary! Visit here for a list of participating locations.   

Get Ready for an AMAZING Convention!     

It’s always good to be prepared! Here are a few things you can do now to get ready for the convention:

  • Check for your confirmation e-mail containing your  registration information and a separate e-mail with your UCS time. 
  • Download the Vendor Discounts and Deal pdf. Take it with you as you tour the Exhibit Hall to get great deals!
  • Download speaker handouts and directions to the convention center.
  • Preview the convention program. View the final schedule, workshop descriptions, exhibitor information, and more!

Get the MP3! 

Listen to the convention workshops all year round with the convention mp3. Buy onsite and save $30! Order onsite or online from Thursday through Sunday, for just $69. The price will increase to $99 after the convention is over.


Take the Survey

Don’t forget to take the survey at the convention. Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated and helps to make each year’s convention experience better.


UCS Barcoding Site Closes Today

The UCS barcoding site will close at 11:59 p.m. tonight! Once the site is closed, you will not be able to add, delete, or edit previously entered items. You will be able to print labels and master sheets.

When bringing your items to check-in, please remember that the loading dock is not available to UCS sellers until 3 p.m.. Also, the loading dock is reserved for those sellers who have chosen the Save Time Waiver option.  


Watch your e-mail for other important last minute UCS reminders.

Exhibitor Sneak Peek

Think you need a top-of-the-line computer for your homeschool? Many parents would do well to consider their family’s needs before purchasing, and Chris Yust of Homeschool Programming, Inc., is here to tell you how to pick the best options for YOUR homeschool. Read his article, What Kind of Computer Does Your Student Need. Then, Find out more about computer programming for kids and teens–visit Homeschool Programming in Booth #531!

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Frontier Culture Museum The Frontier Culture Museum tells the story of people who migrated to colonial America and of the life they created here. These first pioneers came to America during the 1600s-1700s from England, Germany, Ireland, and West Africa. 

Visit our exhibits and enjoy hands-on and interactive education.  


Visit us at booth #726!



Come visit THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION booth at the HEAV Convention

We are proud sponsors of the Home Educators Association of Virginia’s upcoming convention! Make sure to visit the Heritage booth for access to our research on the relevant issues that concern our nation today and to enter a raffle to win The First Principles Book Collection!

We look forward to seeing you at our booth, #629/700 on June 5-7!

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Article of the Week

Preparing for the Teenage Years – Jay Younts

Are you new parents? Here are words of wisdom from Jay Younts about the changes you will encounter as your child grows into a teen. The time to deal with that teen, with the person your child will become, is now.


Homeschool Q&A

Diploma and Documentation

Q. I’ll be submitting my diploma to fulfill the required proof of eligibility to homeschool. Since my diploma has my maiden name on it, should I also send my marriage certificate to show that I am the person listed on the diploma?


From Our Blog

Homeschooling Without a Schoolroom – Kyndra Steinmann

Short on space? A dedicated schoolroom may be many homeschoolers’ dream, but you CAN homeschool without one. Find out how!

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1) Homeschool Items
View All Homeschool Items
1.1 FAYM Chorus Camp – Fredericksburg – Best Price by June 30
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2) General Items

View All General Interest Items
2.1 Virginia Home for Boys and Girls Youth Run Series – Richmond – Best Price Before June 7

2.2 Beautiful Brokenness Cowboy Church – Bumpass – Begins June 21

2.3 Blue Ridge Thunder Cloggers Summer Camps – Waterford – Begin July 28

2.4 Liya Music Camp-USA – Vienna – July 28-August 1

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3) Cool Sites for Homeschoolers

View All Cool Sites for Homeschoolers

3.1 Christian Resources: Scripture Word Study with Kids

3.2 Thrifty Ideas: Sites to Read Free E-books

3.3 Preschool and Kindergarten: Article – “A Homeschool Curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten”

3.4 Science: Physics 2000

3.5 Family Fun: Road Trip Checklist

3.6 Technology and Time: Time and Date

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4) Parting Thought – Ways You Know Your Internet Connection Is Slow

1. Text on web pages displays as Morse Code.

2. Graphics arrive via FedEx.

3. You believe a heavier string might improve your connection.

4. You’re still in the middle of downloading that new game, “PacMan.”

5. You receive e-mails with stamps on them.

6. When you click the “Send” button, a little door opens on the side of your monitor and a pigeon flies out.


– As seen on the Internet.


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5) Worth Repeating 

“Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

– John Wooden (1910-2010), American basketball coach known best for his years at the University of California at Los Angeles.

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6) Verse of the Week

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

– Psalm 24:7-8 (KJV)


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7) Homeschool Laugh of the Week
Laugh of the Week

Taken from The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons (www.familymanweb.com). Reprinted with Permission.