HEAV’S Virginia Homeschool Update


August 20, 2014


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Know Anyone Who is Thinking About Homeschooling?

Yvonne Bunn

How to Begin Homeschooling: What You Really Need to Know!

Richmond – Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get your questions answered and prepare for a successful homeschool experience! Maximize your success with practical ideas from Yvonne Bunn, a veteran homeschool mom who has helped thousands of families begin homeschooling. This informative seminar will help you focus on the things you really need to know for a successful homeschool year.


High School at Home: The Path to Success!

Richmond – Thursday, August 28, 2014

Teaching high school at home can seem like a daunting task–but the benefits of homeschooling during the high school years far outweigh the challenges! Having graduated three homeschooled high schoolers and dealt regularly with college admissions officers through her work with HEAV, speaker Yvonne Bunn will clarify important high school issues and share practical ways to implement an effective high school program.


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Raising Kids to Do Hard Things with Gregg Harris

Gregg Harris, the father of Josh Harris, author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and Alex & Brett Harris, co-authors of Do Hard Things, presents this seminar parent-to-parent, providing information to help your kids think beyond the school-work- play track so they can jump off the conveyor belts of modern-day education and employment, and into a world of freedom and opportunity! Help them catch the vision, set goals, and make step-by-step changes to raise their expectations of themselves and take on the hard things. Kids don’t need to wait until they’re older to do truly great things–they can do them now!


Register Today and Save $5 Per Person! 

Saturday, September 13 – 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Virginia Beach/Chesapeake Area
New Life Providence Church–Deep Creek Campus

423 Shell Road

Chesapeake, VA


Saturday, September 20 – 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Northern Virginia/Arlington

Calvary Gospel Church
1800 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA


Time is running out! Please share with your community groups, church, and online venues–and encourage them to attend the conference. It may be the most powerful thing they do for their families!  Just use one or all of these prepared-for-sharing resources:

  1. A short description, ready for posting on your Facebook page, e-mailing to friends, and sharing in blog posts, groups, and web pages
  2. A downloadable PDF flier that can be posted online; e-mailed as an attachment; or printed out to take to church, co-op, or support group
  3. Tell us how many printed fliers you’d like to distribute, and we’ll mail them to you right away.
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“God, Family, Then Business” Fits the Homeschooler’s REALTOR®

Keller Williams’ values attracted real estate agent Hope Egan and led her to join KW. If you are looking to buy or sell your Central Virginia home, Hope can help and offers attractive discounts to homeschoolers. Visit http://www.HomeschoolHomes.com or contact her at HopeEganHomes@gmail.com. Keller Williams Realty, Glen Allen, VA


Paul D. Camp Community College Enroll in an online freshman composition class through Paul D. Camp Community College
Taught by a 22-year veteran homeschooling mother with a passion for teaching college English from a classical perspective, this course is transferable to a four-year college. Class runs August 20 to December 15. Questions?
Contact Mary Ellen Gleason at 757-569-6740 or mgleason@pdc.edu.

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Teacher Discounts

Homeschooling moms are teachers, too! Along with classroom supplies and other learning goodies (like books), many stores offer teacher discounts on anything from laptops and software to museum passes and insurance benefits.


Remember: HEAV member cards can often be used to take advantage of many of the discounts available at stores, museums, and various businesses.


Click here for list of opportunities.


Purchase Curriculum – CHECK!

Send in My Notice of Intent – CHECK!

Become an HEAV Member – CHECK!

Why not make joining HEAV a part of your not-back-to-school routine? Your HEAV membership not only benefits your own family, but helps protect and preserve homeschooling freedoms.
Click here to join or renew your membership today.


It’s Not Too Late!

Huge August Blow-Out Sale
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 storewide* during the whole month of August! On top of that, select items have been discounted to a price at or near our cost, making this the best value everGet more info and start shopping.

*In-stock items only. Diplomas are excluded from the tax-free sale.


State Employees Can Support HEAV Through CVC

HEAV has been approved for the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC). If you are a state employee, check with your workplace to see if you can contribute. Find out more on the website. Be sure to use Home Educators Association of Virginia’s number 3698.

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Homeschool Day at the State Fair – Sign Up Now!
September 26, 2014 – Meadow Event Park – Doswell 

Join homeschoolers across Virginia at the state fair this fall! You will be able to order tickets through HEAV at a special education rate. Get more information 

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Article of the Week

How to Write Down Your Goals and Fulfill Them – Leigh Ann Dutton

Inspired by the popularity of so-called “bucket lists,” Mrs. Dutton says to write down all your goals and clarify them. Then pray about your goals and plan the steps needed to meet them. Read the article for more.


Homeschool Q&A

Religious Exemption for Preschoolers

Q. I would like to seek a religious exemption for my three-year-old preschooler. Can I send a letter to the school board for my child at any age?


From Our Blog

Planning for Off Days – Kyndra Steinmann

Everyone likes a day off, but an “off day” happens to all of us. When even the best plans go awry, you can turn the situation around by having a plan for-yes–YOUR off day.

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1) Homeschool Items

View All Homeschool Items
1.1 Play Inspired by Amy Carmichael: Binding Ties – Powhatan – August 21-23

1.2 Homeschool Photography Class – Montpelier – Register by August 27

1.3 YMCA: Homeschool Aquatic Instruction – Goochland – Register by August 30

1.4 AP Java Computer Science – Online with Richmond Option – Register by August 31

1.5 Chesterfield Christian Academy Classes – Chesterfield – Ongoing

1.6 “How to Be Married to Your Best Friend” – Culpeper – September 9

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2) General Items

View All General Interest Items
2.1 Andrew Pudewa-Institute for Excellence in Writing Events – Stafford – August 21 and 23
2.2 Maxwell Family: “Energize!” Conference – Midlothian – September 15
2.3 Article: “Three Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church”

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3) Cool Sites for Homeschoolers

View All Cool Sites for Homeschoolers

3.1 Christian Resources: The Overview Bible Project
3.2 Thrifty Ideas: Do It on a Dime
3.3 Preschool and Older: Activities for First Day of…

3.4 STEM: Make Smartphone Batteries Last Longer
3.5 Art: How to Draw Tutorials

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4) Parting Thought – Impress the Kids with All You Know

We promise not to tell them that this big list of riddles includes the answers! You already know the punch lines to your old favorite elephant jokes; now pass them down so your kids can tortu–uh–entertain your grandkids with them one day.


You are familiar with the homemade coupon books that cash-strapped children make as gifts for Mom and Dad, right? Make your own booklets with favorite jokes. The “heirloom fun” would be great low-cost gifts for grandparents to give to distant grandchildren or for kids to send to their grandparents for the upcoming Grandparents Day on September 7.


Seriously–riddles, puns, and jokes build vocabulary, logic skills, wonderful memories, and family ties. The family that prays together, stays together, as the saying goes. The family that regularly laughs together probably has a brighter future ahead, too.  


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5) Worth Repeating 

“The best things in life aren’t things.”

– Art Buchwald (1925-2007), American journalist, humorist, and columnist.

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6) Verse of the Week

I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgments have I laid before me.

– Psalm 119:30 (KJV)

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7) Homeschool Laugh of the Week

Taken from The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons (www.familymanweb.com). Reprinted with Permission.