HEAV’S Virginia Homeschool Update


April 17, 2013


Wow–what a week it has been! As many of you discovered, our new registration system did not completely function as we expected; however, even with the “bugs,” more than 5000 of you registered in a six-day period, which is totally amazing and unprecedented!

To all who experienced difficulty (okay, “difficulty” may be an understatement), we offer a big “THANK YOU!” for your kindness and patience–and for your outpouring of prayers and words of encouragement. Please also accept our sincere apologies for the inconveniences of this year’s registration process. With the Lord’s help, we won’t revisit these problems in the future.

And to our incredible HEAV staff and volunteers–you know who you are–your dedication and willingness to go above and beyond to fix the problems and get families registered was a true labor of love for the families we serve. Your dedication and commitment, and godly determination has blessed us all immensely. Thank you!

If you haven’t registered for the convention yet, you’ll be happy to know we still have Duggar tickets available, so don’t delay!

Thank you again for your prayers, support, and patience — we look forward to seeing you in June!

With warm regards,

Anne Miller
President | Interim Executive Director

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Convention Registration is OPEN

Both members and non-members can now register for the convention 24-7!


Bring the Whole Family! 

$69/member | $79/non-member


Not a member? Join today and take advantage of the member dsicount, support the year-round work of HEAV, and get some great member benefits. 


Trouble Registering? Try These Tips Before You Call.

1. Retrieve your login information here.

2. Renew your membership to register right away.

3. Use a different browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.) if you are using Internet Explorer 9  

3. Still have trouble? Send a message to the office through our help desk.


Two Reasons to Preregister Early

1) Duggar Tickets

Those with full, three-day registrations may reserve tickets to a Duggar keynote session. Additional tickets may be obtained onsite if available, but there is no guarantee. We expect tickets to go quickly, so preregister soon! (Tickets are not available with shopping-only, scholarship, and free-parent-of-preschooler registrations.)


2) Early Used Curriculum Sale Entry Time

Remember, after early shopping for volunteers, entry to the UCS is based on preregistration time, so sign up early (or volunteer).

Volunteer Button 2013Another Way to Shop Early in the UCS!
Volunteer Today

While you’re registering for the convention, don’t forget to volunteer! Volunteers who work two hours during the convention get to shop early in the UCS–BEFORE the general public! And volunteering has never been easier–simply fill out our Volunteer Application and choose the area and time you’d like to serve. It takes more than 400 volunteers to run the convention–we couldn’t do what we do without you!

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Wholesome Campus


Wholesome Campus Is an Enrichment Center for the Well-Rounded Child!
Enhance your homeschool curriculum with Art, Cooking, Sewing, Fitness and Jump Rope! Avoid summer boredom with our unique summer camp program. Your child will cook, dance, create and jump their way through an exciting week of enriching activities in a small camp setting. Visit www.wholesomecampus.com for camp info, or to sign up for a free class or call 703-657-2718 to schedule a tour.


THRIVE! – Life changing foods, Life impacting income

Bless your family with extra income and stock your home pantry with delicious natural foods for free. Set your own schedule and earn $400-$1000++ a month, plus residual income. Part-time, home based, family focused business. Be self-reliant and healthy with THRIVE foods. Click link for short video and call 757-774-6216.


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Teen Tracks and Workshops

Something for Everyone!

Dual enrollment, graduation, SAT essay tips, getting published–check out all the convention tracks and workshops specially geared towards teens and young adults.


Fruit of the Harvest ~ Homeschool Graduate Panel   

Best Tools and Techniques for Young Film Makers ~ George Escobar  

Can You Really Learn Art Online? ~ Tim Chambers 

Dual Credit on Steroids ~ Jonathan Brush

Q & A for Aspiring Writers ~ Rachel Coker

Plus Special Programs Just for Teens!*

Miracle Mountain Ranch Teen Track

Cartooning Camp ~ Dan Nuckols

SAT/ACT Essay Strategies ~ Andrew Pudewa

*There is an extra charge for these programs.

Minding Your Own Business

Deadline is Monday

Young Entrepreneurs registration deadline is April 22. Have a high-quality product or service you would like to sell at the convention?  Participation is open to young adults (10 to 21) who run their own businesses. Let others know about your business–and have FUN in the process! Get more information here.


Children’s Program Volunteers

Do you love children as much as we do? Come and help with the HEAV Children’s Program at this year’s convention and bless the children–and be blessed yourself! Share a craft. Play a game. Change a life. Click here for more information and to volunteer. Questions? E-mail childrensprogram@heav.org.

Used Curriculum Sale – Start Listing Those Items Now!

Have items to sell at the UCS?


Go to the easy, online barcoding system and get started today! 


Make some extra cash by selling items you no longer need. Thinking about volunteering at the convention? Volunteer for two hours or more and shop the UCS early!

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The U.S. Government May Deport This Homeschool Family

Here’s a chance to directly aid a homeschool family. The Romeikes came from Germany to the U.S. in 2010 with a desire to homeschool their children–something the laws of their country do not allow. Facing political persecution, including exorbitant fines, forcible removal of their children, and possible imprisonment, they sought and won political asylum here. However, unless they are granted full legal status, they may be forced to leave the U.S.

Please take a moment to sign the online petition asking the government to grant the Romeikes legal status.

If you have already signed the petition, THANK YOU! Because of your help the Romeikes’ petition has received the more than 100,000 signatures necessary to require a response from the White House. There is still time however to spread the word, get a few more signatures, and show the U.S. government how important homeschooling is to Americans.

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Homeschool Day EventsIsle of Wight County

Home School Day in Isle of Wight County

Friday, April 19 – Smithfield

Take a progressive tour of various sites and experience a wide variety of history in Isle of Wight County! Learn about the early history of Native Americans and colonial settlements, visit a Civil War-era fort, enjoy historic Fort Boykin and more at this free event!  


Homeschool Day at The Mariners’ Museum Mariner's Museum

Monday, April 22 – Newport News  

As the largest estuary in the country, the Chesapeake Bay has played a vital role in the nation’s history, economy, and environment. Explore the museum from an environmental perspective while participating in scheduled classes and ongoing activities. Students will enjoy scavenger hunts, crafts, and interactive programs!

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Article of the Week

I Want to Give Up (But I Won’t!) – Diana Waring

Save this extra-short piece to reread the next time your energy or spirit flags, stresses mount, and you want to remind yourself to persevere.

Homeschool Q&A

Days and Hours

Q.Are we required to follow the public school timelines as far as days and hours of instruction?

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1) Homeschool Items

View All Homeschool Items

1.1 Homeschool Indoor Rock Climbing Open House – Midlothian – Register by April 19

1.2 Cornerstone Community Homeschool Co-op Registration, Used Curriculum Sale, and Homeschool Forum! – April 23 

1.3 Homeschool Consignment Sale – Annandale – Register to Sell by May 3

1.4 Swift Creek Home Educators Used Curriculum Sale – Midlothian – May 14

1.5 Classical Conversations Events – Multiple Locations and Dates

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2) General Interest Items

View All General Interest Items 

2.1 Henricus Educator Events – Chester – Begin April 18

2.2 Holocaust Film with Speakers: “Rewriting History” – Richmond – April 18  

2.3 Henricus: Colonial Militia Muster and Games – Chester – April 27

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3) Cool Sites for Homeschoolers
View All Cool Sites for Homeschoolers

3.1 Christian Resources: Bible Printables – Coloring Pages, Lessons, and More!

3.2 Thrifty Ideas: Duggar Resources

3.3 Preschool and Kindergarten: Seven Different Sets of ABC Pages and Other Activity Printables

3.4 Science: NASA Kids’ Club

3.5 Arts and Crafts and Gardens: Recycled Backyard Projects

3.6 History: U.S. Printables

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4) Parting Thought – The Creator’s Artistry

Check out the amazing artistry in the flight of flocks of starlings in the skies over Israel. Similar video footage is available on YouTube and elsewhere of schools of fish. Remember, He is aware of even a sparrow when it falls. He surely cares so much more for you, for whom He sent His Son.


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5) Worth Repeating 

“For the copious extracts made from the Sacred Scriptures, he (the author) makes no apology. Indeed, upon a review of the work, he is not sure but an apology may be due for his not having still more liberally transferred to his pages the chaste simplicity, the thrilling pathos, the living descriptions, and the overwhelming sublimity of the sacred writings.” 

 – William H. McGuffey (1800-1873), in his 1837 text, the third of his original Readers. William Holmes McGuffey had ties to Virginia; he served as chairman of the Department of Moral Philosophy at the University of Virginia for nearly 30 years, from 1845 until he died in 1873.


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6) Verse of the Week   

To God only wise, be glory through Jesus Christ for ever. Amen.

– Romans 16:27 (KJV)


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7) Homeschool Laugh of the Week

Laugh of the Week
Taken from The Official Book of Homeschooling Cartoons (www.familymanweb.com). Reprinted with Permission.