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Love taking pictures? Enter your best picture(s) into HEAV’s photography contest, sponsored by Lenspiration and Miracle Mountain Ranch!

Winners will be chosen and prizes given at the convention, and your photos will be featured in the final session of the convention media track.

How the contest works

  • The photography contest theme is “Simple Homeschooling.”
  • Submit your photo(s) now through May 23.
  • Winners will be announced, and prizes will be distributed at the convention.
  • Submissions will be critiqued during the third session of the  Media Track at the convention.
  • Winners will be announced, and winning photographs will be posted on the HEAV website.

Contest Rules

  1. You must be registered for the HEAV Convention.
  2. A maximum of two photos may be submitted per person.
  3. Photos must be taken in the year 2019.
  4. Photos must be submitted by May 23.
  5. Your first and last name must be included in the photo filename.
  6. Winners will be announced at the end of the last session of the media track.


First Place Second Place
  • Three-month Lenspiration membership ($65 value)
  • Free ticket to the MMR Media Summit ($145 value)
  • 24-105mm Lens Replica Travel Coffee Mug
Third Place
  • Three-month Lenspiration membership ($65 value)
  • 24-105mm Lens Replica Travel Coffee Mug
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Media Track Workshops

How to Take Amazing Pictures with Any Camera by James Staddon
Just because you don’t have a fancy camera doesn’t mean you can’t take amazing pictures! It’s how the photographer thinks—regardless of what camera he’s using—that determines how a picture turns out. Learn from the professionals and soak in a host of simple photography tricks anyone can apply with any camera. Know what to start looking for. Know what limitations to start avoiding. There are special moments happening around you every day—learn to capture them well!

Basic Portraiture and Lighting by Donnie Rosie
Positioning people so they look great in your photos doesn’t have to be something that happens by chance! Why not learn some tips of the trade? Great portraits are also a product of learning to see light and understanding how it works. Observe how basic three-point lighting works, and watch a professional use his studio lighting kit, as we cover the techniques of using short lighting, broad lighting, and split lighting on your subjects!

The Secret to Shooting Like a Pro by James Staddon
Are your pictures not turning out like you want? Is “Auto” just not working? The automatic modes can be great, but they will only take you so far. It’s time to explore, be creative, shoot special effects, and override the settings that your camera is automatically choosing for you. Come take a look inside the camera to find out how it works, and learn how to “unlock” your camera and start shooting like the pros!

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