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Week 2 - Curriculum

This second week, discover the many resource options available for home educators. It might seem like it’s too much, but have no fear!

Here are a few tips and tricks—plus a list of providers—when it comes to choosing the right curriculum for your family.

Navigating the World of Homeschool Curriculum: A Guide to Getting Started ~ Patricia Beahr

Choosing a curriculum is a daunting task, but here are some ways that will help you understand and choose what will fit your needs while staying within your price range.

Before You Switch Curriculum ~ Sonya Shafer

When do you stick with it and when do you switch? Listen (or read) Sonya Shafer’s interview with Amber O’Neal Johnston! When you’re child struggles, the obvious solution might seem to be switching curricula, but there could be other choices to consider.

Multi-Grade, Multi-Age, Multi-Learning Styles ~ Julia Nalle

Juggling lessons across different age levels may seem daunting, but Julia Nalle can help you make a plan for teaching history, literature, writing, Bible, geography, art, science, and more—across multi‐age levels, drawing from both a classical style and a Charlotte Mason approach.

Literary Education for Homeschool ~ Adam Andrews

It’s often been said that the whole world awaits within the pages of a book…which is why it’s essential for parents to include literary education in their homeschool schedules.

Curricula by Topic

Curriculum options abound, and here you will find some of the best and most versatile options available, whether you’re looking for Christian or secular, pre-K or high school, or a full-spectrum curriculum or just one subject.

Curricula Concepts

Use this fun, interactive tool to help find your starting point! Answer a few simple questions to get started finding the right curriculum for your child.

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