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Kim Sorgius

Featured Speaker

Kim Sorgius, owner of Not Consumed Ministries, is passionate about helping families grow in faith so they are NOT CONSUMED by life. Her practical and heartfelt sessions will inspire and equip you to homeschool without feeling overwhelmed by circumstances. She combines her passion for homeschooling and her M.Ed. in Curriculum to create engaging Bible studies and homeschool resources to help families live #NotConsumed every day!

Kim’s Workshops:


How to Create Your Perfect Homeschool Schedule 

You’ve tried all the things that seem to work for other people and yet still can’t find the right homeschool schedule for you. Trust me, you’re not alone. Figuring out how to teach multiple ages, fold the laundry, and keep the toddlers from writing on the walls with markers, can feel overwhelming. Join 20+year homeschool veteran and work-at-home mom Kim Sorgius as she shares practical ways to wrangle your homeschool schedule for good.


Secrets to Cultivating a Life-Giving Family Culture

Every family has a culture—a way of living. And every family is defined by it. Is your family mission and culture breathing life into your days? Being intentional and purposeful is the best way to make sure your mission is in line with your worldview. You’ll leave this session armed with a list of practical ideas, as well as an encouraged heart.


Get Off the Couch: Helping Kids Become Disciplined Workers

Do your kids “forget” to do their chores? Is their schoolwork just a box that gets sloppily checked off? Do you feel like they’ll never take initiative? If you’re looking for the magic pill to help your kids get off the couch and work hard, this isn’t the session for you. But if you want practical ways to kick laziness to the curb, be sure to join us as we learn how to encourage and nurture our kids to be disciplined and responsible workers.