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Kathy Kuhl

Featured Speaker

Kathy coaches parents teaching children with learning challenges, providing resources, support, and guidance. After homeschooling her creative, distractible, dyslexic son, Kathy interviewed 64 parents homeschooling students with learning disabilities. Then she wrote Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner, a handbook equipping parents to teach children with many learning challenges. Kathy also wrote Staying Sane as You Homeschool and Encouraging Your Child.

Kathy’s Special Needs Workshops: 

Thursday noon-1 p.m.

Distractible, Impulsive, Hyperactive & Happily Homeschooled

Got a child who can’t sit still? A highly impulsive teen? A distracted or inattentive student? Change your homeschool to help your child improve his or her focus and nurture that wandering, creative mind. Veteran homeschooler and author Kathy Kuhl also discusses the related character issues, and how to teach if you’re distractible, too.

Thursday 2-3 p.m.

Understanding Your Child’s Learning Problems

Wish you understood your child’s difficulties better? Want to find strengths amidst problems? Do “labels” help? Join author and homeschool veteran Kathy Kuhl in exploring the process and benefits of diagnosing learning problems. Unravel your child’s learning puzzles!

Session 1

Help People Respond to Special Needs with Grace

How can we relate well to people with special needs? How do Christians view suffering and disability? How can homeschoolers help other families homeschooling with learning challenges? What should Christian parents be telling their children about people with disabilities? Consider how God can use special needs to strengthen all his people.

Session 3

Special Needs Panel

Session 4

High School Planning for Out-of-the-Box Learners

Learn to understand your child’s needs and strengths better, so you can set goals in all areas, not just academics. Then learn practical tools to remediate and accommodate disabilities and to help you find appropriate college or other post-high school training—and strategies to help you and your teen keep going. Veteran homeschooler and author Kathy Kuhl shares interviews with dozens of parents who’ve walked this road and resources based on experience.

Session 5

When Writing Doesn’t Come Easily

Does your child struggle to write, to form letters, or to compose a clear paragraph or an essay? Learn about causes of writing problems; handwriting tips; and accommodations for problems with handwriting, memory, organization, spelling, and vocabulary. Kathy Kuhl homeschooled her dysgraphic son (who loves to write), taught composition and English, and has written three books.