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Kate Ponce

Featured Speaker

Kate Ponce is a homeschool graduate, occupational therapist, wife, and mother. As an occupational therapist, Kate has experience working in a variety of settings, from pediatrics to geriatrics. She is passionate about helping individuals overcome mental and physical obstacles to improve their overall quality of life. Kate also enjoys sharing her knowledge with others in order to empower families to make the most appropriate decisions when meeting the needs of their loved ones. 

She and her husband, Tony, are the owners of Thriving at Home Homeschool Support, providing a variety of resources for homeschool families, including telehealth occupational therapy services through their rehab business, New River Valley Rehab Services, PLLC.

Kate’s Workshops: 

Session 3

Career Conversations
Not every career path begins with college! Join us for a discussion on apprenticeships, certifications, required training, and mor. Get your questions answered.

Session 5

Selecting Toys That Help Kids Learn
Play is an important component of childhood development, helping children to learn and explore their environment and develop life skills they will use into adulthood. Because of this, it is important to be intentional about what toys you give your children to play with and how those toys are influencing their play. Learn how to be intentional when choosing toys, so you can better direct your children’s development from birth to young adulthood.

Session 6

Learning Outside the Classroom
Learn a technique for developing your own academic lessons from everyday activities. While textbooks and more structured academic learning have their place, by mixing real-life learning situations into your educational routine, you can not only assess how effectively your children are learning the academic skills from their textbooks, but also teach them in a way they just might find more appealing and enjoyable than spending all day in the classroom.