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Do you really want to homeschool?

Confusion and uncertainty regarding public school this fall has led many parents to consider an at-home option for their children. Whether you are ready to dive into homeschooling or are considering a virtual-school-at-home option, you will have questions–and we’re here to help! 

Frequently Asked Questions


  • File with their superintendent a Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction.
  • Are free to choose their own curriculum and can choose any style of teaching.
  • Are responsible for sending a test or evaluation showing proof of progress by August 1.

Students at home because of school closure…

  • Must complete the curriculum provided by their school.
  • May be taking classes provided by the school online.
  • Do not need to file a Notice of Intent or proof of progress.
  • Will return to school when it is open.

Though you may begin homeschooling in Virginia at any time, if you intend to homeschool this fall, you should notify your superintendent by August 15.

There are three basic options for home instruction:

1: The Home Instruction Statute 
2: The Certified Tutor Statute
3: The Religious Exemption Statute

Many use the home instruction statute. You can read more details about all the options here

Within the home instruction statute, you must

1. Submit a notice of intent by August 15
2. Submit evidence of progress (either a nationally normed, standardized achievement test or an evaluation) by August 1 of next year.

There are several options to comply on the NOI, but if you or your spouse have a high school diploma or higher degree, the simplest one is to use option (i). In that case, your NOI package would consist of three parts:

1) The notice itself — Use the HEAV NOI form as it has space only for the information required by law.
2) A copy of your diploma — A photograph or photocopy is fine.
3) The curriculum description — This is literally a simple list of subjects your child will study.

Get more specific information about home education in Virginia. Our 7 Steps to Begin Homeschooling guide will give more information on how to get started.

Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV) has been helping families for more than 37 years, and we are here to help smooth your way.


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