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Heather Jenkins

Featured Speaker

Heather Jenkins is the director of educational curriculum for Answers in Genesis. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in special education. Heather is a certified teacher and spent over a decade as a general education teacher, special education teacher, and district administrator. After leaving the classroom to homeschool her two children, Heather began working in the educational publishing/ed-tech industry as a writer, content and

project manager, and development editor. She has developed and worked on award-winning, nationally recognized comprehensive and supplemental curricula. She is also the sole or a contributing author of over a dozen educational books for students. When not developing curricula, Heather spends time with her husband and children. She is also active in her church, helping to start its special needs ministry years ago.

Heather’s Workshops: 

Session 1

The 7 C’s Across the Curriculum

How can you help children connect the historical events they learn about during Bible instruction, to what they are learning in other subject areas? Using the “7 C’s of History” as a framework, participants will investigate ways to connect the 7 C’s to various content areas. Practical strategies—including those that promote hands-on learning and critical thinking—will be discussed across multiple subjects.

Session 2