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Get clear instruction, connection with those who have done this, and a simple plan for moving forward — everything you really need to know to homeschool successfully.

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How to Begin: What You Really Need to Know

Know the Law: Notifying and Testing Demystified

How to Choose the Right Curriculum

Homeschooling does not need to be complicated.  

Homeschooling in Virginia is pretty straightforward when you know 

the simple steps to begin.

Homeschool Success Seminars

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1. Attend All Three
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2. Make a
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What Makes Our Crash Course So Special?

It’s All in the Coaching. 

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Homeschool Crash Course

Homeschool Crash Course

Recorded Workshops + Recordings-  $29

Tuesday, October 5: How to Begin Homeschooling What You REALLY Need to Know
Wednesday, October 6: Know the Law: Notifying & Testing Demystified
Thursday, October 7: How to Choose the Right Curriculum

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Your Registration Includes:

  • All three online workshop recordings
  • Monthly, online Q & A Sessions with Yvonne Bunn & Stephanie Konicki
  • No dress code!
  • Curricula resource download

Note: The live event has ended, but you can get all three recordings plus all the downloads now!

Free - Introduction to Homeschooling

mom and daughter learning at home

Families homeschool for many different reasons, but the questions we have starting out are very similar. This sessions is perfect for those on the fence or who need to convince family members!

  • “Why DO people homeschool?”
  • “Do homeschoolers have trouble getting into college?”
  • “Could homeschooling be right for MY family?”

Find out the answers to these and other questions at this free, one-hour webinar.

What Others Have Said About Our Virtual Events


Yes! Just register for the live workshops + recordings, so you watch at your convenience, day or night.

You may already know that there is a plethora of videos, downloads and information about how to homeschool available on the internet–and much of it is simply incorrect. HEAV is known for providing ACCURATE, clear information and, through Yvonne Bunn’s How-to-Begin Homeschooling workshops and many other resources, has been equipping families for 38 years

We use a unique, cutting-edge platform that truly is truly a game-changer when it comes to virtual events. You will be able to talk face-to-face with your presenter and with your attendees, enjoy give-and-take sessions where you share your own thoughts, and tie it all up with a final Q&A.

Homeschool Success Presenters


Yvonne Bunn’s dynamic and concise Homeschool Success seminars have launched thousands of parents like you on the path to homeschooling successfully. Presented at homeschool conferences, support groups, and co-ops throughout Virginia, and in a week-long series on the nationally syndicated Homeschool Heartbeat, these workshops have been lauded as a life-changing events for parents and students alike.

Yvonne is HEAV’s director of homeschool support and government affairs. A veteran homeschooler, she has a degree in elementary education and taught in a Christian school prior to homeschooling for 18 years. She and her husband, George, have 5 children and 16 grandchildren. 

Homeschool Crash Course 3

Stephanie Konicki is a wife and mother who serves as the director of Homeschool Family Connection, a homeschooling ministry in Richmond, Virginia. She homeschooled her three children, now ages 22, 21, and 17. She and her husband, Craig, have been married 25 years and absolutely LOVE this time in life. She loves the Lord with all her heart, soul, and mind, and prays that her passion for HIS desires will overflow into her children. 

Stephanie’s heartbeat is to bring opportunities to the homeschooling family that will enrich and strengthen their homeschool journey. During her session, she will bring joy, laughter, and key benefits to encourage you along the way.

Practical Help + Real Encouragement =True Confidence

Put yourself in control and focus only on the things you really need to know for a successful year. Knowing all your options gives you the tools and the flexibility you need to create, customize, and adapt a plan to homeschool with confidence!

Don’t let the legalese confuse you! Find out what requirements you must meet in order to homeschool, what tests or evaluations you may use, whom you should notify and when, and what to do if you are homeschooling because of your sincere religious beliefs

Get a brief overview of six different teaching methods—from the classical approach to relaxed homeschooling. Hear lots of practical suggestions for choosing curriculum and where to find the resources you need.