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Daniel Craig

Keynote Speaker

Daniel Craig and his wife Megan are the hosts of the internationally-attended Homeschool Summits and have spoken at homeschool conferences around the country. 

Daniel wrote Kickstart as a plan for homeschooled students to think through life’s calling and launch successfully into adulthood. His passion is to encourage homeschool parents and young people to love and embrace Biblical discipleship. Daniel is a homeschooling dad of three children.

Daniel’s Keynote 

The 7 Habits of Joy-Filled Families

Friday 4:30-6 p.m.

“Joy to the world; the Lord is come!” is a wonderful thing to sing at Christmastime, when everything can seem to be joyous. But does this powerful truth set the tone of your home? Is your family characterized by the Gospel-powered joy that flows wherever the Kingdom of God has taken root? If you think you could use a little more joy in your home—like we all can!—take heart: “He comes to make his blessing flow far as the curse is found!” How does He do that? Come and hear seven habits of joy-filled families that crank the faucet of “joy in the Holy Spirit” wide open!

Daniel’s Workshops 

Session 2

The Power of Mentorship: Secrets to a Truly Higher Education
This session is a “must hear” for parents and students alike. Everyone recognizes that there are problems with traditional higher education. Yet for all the press, commentary, and money spent to fix the problem, far too few people recognize the amazing benefits of one-on-one, mentor-driven education. Even as homeschoolers, we often fail to realize that the need for biblical discipleship in education also applies to the college years. Get ready to adopt a new paradigm for “higher education”! Daniel explains how your student can launch into life NOW, with clear vision, through powerful mentoring relationships and real-life application.

Session 4

5 Secrets for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
As an entrepreneur himself, and having coached dozens of other entrepreneurs through his company, ProfitCoach, Daniel will tell you that entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding…and one of the most unimaginably challenging endeavors you could possibly undertake. Just ask his wife. But for those who are willing to take on the challenge, there’s incredible opportunity to impact employees, clients, and communities for the Kingdom of Christ. In this practical session on entrepreneurship, Daniel will share five important principles and practices that will help you get started, stay inspired, and by God’s grace, build a business that will yield far more than financial profits.

Session 5

Dad Panel

Session 6

Raising Kids to Understand and Pursue Their Calling
No matter where we turn, we’re facing an epidemic of visionless, clueless, fantasy-driven young people. Stuck in an educational system that fosters this disconnect from reality, few millennials (even Christian ones) are able to successfully bridge the gap into real life. From the perspective of a millennial, Daniel shares practical keys to helping your students understand their calling and engage life for the glory of God—today!