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Discover how to use the curriculum and resources featured in the HEAV convention exhibit hall.

Shakespeare (for Those Not from the 1500s) ~ 14 Rooms

Gain the tools and confidence to take that dusty volume of Shakespeare off the shelf and tackle it once and for all! Shakespeare didn’t write for English classrooms—he wrote for the stage! This stage was vibrant, funny, dangerous, political, and dramatic. Learn the secrets to understanding Shakespeare…unlock the language that seems to separate us from the greatest writer in the English language. Getting to know Shakespeare can benefit anyone with a hungry mind…no acting required!

Steps to Transform Your Homeschooling Journey ~ A Reason for Homeschool

Homeschooling isn’t for sissies. In choosing it, you embraced a journey of tremendous joy—with accompanying stress and challenges. No one understands a homeschool mom like someone walking the same path, and “M.U.M. 3D” provides a simple plan for building relationships between women who share this passion and calling.

A Child’s Needs Met through Individualization ~ ACE

Who are we to say that all children should learn the same way? God wants each individual to use the strengths and talents He has given them to achieve their special calling in life. Find out how different minds work differently.

Dollars and Sense ~ Beyond Personal Finance

Our children spend maybe a quarter of their lives in our homes—it’s a narrow window to prepare them for the road ahead. We spend years teaching them how to read, write, and do mathematics, but how much time do we spend teaching them about money? Financial illiteracy has the power to cripple our children as they enter adulthood. Join me—a homeschool mom, financial consultant, and retired CPA—as we discuss how to raise fiscally responsible adults.

Master My Monster ~ BJU

There are many perils for a “classroom teacher” turned “homeschool mom.” Do I dwell on my inadequacies? Do my feelings stem from soaking my thinking in self-pity? Join me as we choose to marinate our anxious thoughts in biblical truths!

Inspiring Kids to Be Helpers and Sharers ~ Christian Healthcare Ministries

Learn the secrets of how utilizing medical cost-sharing inspires your children to helpfulness and improves your healthcare and your budget.

Homeschooling Kindergarten through Graduation ~ Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations® is a classical education resource for grades K4-12 used by homeschoolers in all 50 states and 30 foreign countries. The benefits of memorization in the grammar stage reach their fruition in the critical-thinking and communication skills of high-schoolers. CC now has more than 125,000 students enrolled in its tutoring programs, provided through 2,500 CC communities, which help students build positive friendships. Come see if Classical Conversations is right for your family.

How to Ace the SAT and Get Free College ~ College Prep Genius

This is a learnable test, and every question can be answered in 30 seconds or less. Test-prep guru Jean Burk will share the SAT secrets that have helped thousands of students raise their test scores by 600 points! Learn how to find shortcuts and save time on all types of questions—math, writing, reading, and essay are all covered! If you have kids in middle or high school, don’t miss this session on SAT success!

Tech from Toddlers to Teens ~ Covenant Eyes

Technology and cultural influences can seem overwhelming, and common Internet filters are failing families. In this session, you’ll get a helpful game plan and resources. You’ll learn to guard devices with modern tools as you also train the hearts and minds of your kids.

Raising Kids to Confront a Sexualized Culture ~ Covenant Eyes

Today’s kids are being exposed to pornography early (think 8-11 years old)—and our pop culture tells them it’s a healthy outlet for sexuality. Learn how to create a safe online space and encourage ongoing conversations that empower kids to not only look away from sexualized media, but also to confront our sex-obsessed culture. You can teach your kids to train their hearts and minds to be skillful, daring, and brave.

The Secret to Your Child’s Struggles in Math ~ Demme Learning

Math struggles can be so emotional—for students and parents alike—and a confidence destroyer for any age! How do you solve students’ math anxiety and help them succeed? Come learn proven, practical solutions to restore confidence and reach grade-level proficiency quickly. This workshop is of benefit to any age learner, but particularly to parents of teenagers who are struggling with middle and high school level math.

An Introduction to Essentials in Writing ~ Essentials in Writing

Are you interested in learning more about Essentials in Writing? In this session, founder and teacher Matthew Stephens will explain how this video-based writing program has become one of the leading homeschool writing curricula on the market. Matthew will explore how this step-by-step, methodical, modeled approach to writing creates successful writers, even among the most reluctant.

Courting or Dating? What Does the Bible Say? ~ Faith Reformed Baptist Church

Neither the word “courting” nor the word “dating” appears in the Bible, so what does it actually say about this important topic? This workshop includes exegesis of relevant Scriptures, explaining the context and showing the relevance each verse has to the subjects of courting and dating. There will also be an opportunity for Q&A. Explore this topic and come away equipped with a biblical view.

Emerging Hostilities Toward Homeschooling ~ Family Foundation

As home education grows in popularity across Virginia, some public school districts appear to be growing in hostility toward homeschooling families and homeschooling in general. As the public school system sees its educational monopoly diminishing, it is increasingly posturing itself as being in an existential turf war with those who dare to choose another path. This session will reveal the ways this is happening so you can be prepared!

Proper Care and Feeding of the Artistic Child ~ Film School 4 Teens

Do you have a creative child? Do you worry about his or her future? Do you feel ill-equipped to guide your budding artist? Filmmaker Damon Evans shares fascinating discoveries about creative kids and how the arts prepare students to be successful adults. You will learn how to nurture artistic gifts in your children and help them develop a Christ-centered vision for expressing them.

Tell Me Again…Why Are We Doing This? ~ Global Frontier Missions

The homeschooling journey is definitely not easy—for parents or students. There are thousands of answers to the “how” and “what” of homeschooling, but have we lost sight of the “why” behind it all? Whether you’re a student nearing the end of high school wondering what’s next, or a parent in the throes of teaching and lesson planning, come and be encouraged as we delve into God’s original intent for us in being “set apart.”

Finding Your Fit: Does Online Learning Work? ~ HSLDA Online Academy

Are you considering an online course for your student? You won’t want to miss this workshop! Not every online course provider offers the same resources or experience to students. Come find out what to look for from a virtual learning environment. HSLDA Online Academy will discuss the pros and cons of an online classroom to help you find the perfect fit for your student.

Experience Excellence in Writing ~ Institute for Excellence in Writing

Come and discover award-winning Excellence in Writing, a method of teaching composition that really works. Using this program, students of all ages will learn to write stories, reports, and essays with style. This workshop will give you an overview of the program and show you how you can get started.

Writing and Publishing Your First Book ~ J2B Publishing

Jim Brewster, published author and president of J2B Publishing (www.J2BLLC.com), explains the changes in print technology and the publishing world that now allow any budding author to write and publish a professional book. He will walk writers through the steps involved in writing, publishing, printing, and marketing a book. You will learn the pitfalls to avoid and receive valuable tips and resources for success.

Mentoring Boys into Manhood ~ LiveUp Resources/Knights

Presently there is much debate regarding what a man is. With no clear transition from childhood to manhood, our culture has defined men simplistically. Many fathers are isolated and emotionally disconnected, leaving them ill-equipped to lead boys into manhood. Come explore the culture’s attack on males, the impact of biology on males’ learning style, mentoring principles to help boys develop into honorable men, and concrete steps parents can take in the developmental process of boys.

Learning Is Not Fun – and That’s Okay ~ Memoria Press

Emphasis on “fun” sets you up for failure and creates unrealistic expectations, unfair to the student. There is no way to entertain and learn at the same time. You cannot compete with all of the many kinds of “fun” that are available today. You can do what entertainment cannot do, though, which is to give the student the satisfaction of learning and accomplishment.

SAT Math—It’s the Question That’s Confusing! ~ Mr. D Math

Join Mr. D for SAT Boot Camp. Focus on math, the language behind the questions, and what you really need to know before taking the SAT. Discover the “secret code” words that tell you how to solve the questions and what formulas you really need to know to ace the SAT. Learn to unravel the questions so you can solve them quickly and easily. These techniques transfer to other testing situations and subjects as well.

Your Child Can Love History with Notgrass ~ Notgrass History

Notgrass History offers curricula in U.S. history, world history, government, civics, and economics. Each curriculum gives students a rich, meaningful study from a Christian worldview. Notgrass History is easy to use for both the teacher and the student. We provide narrative lessons, full-color photographs and illustrations, primary source documents, and hands-on activities to create engaging learning experiences.

Ever Dreamed of Owning a Family Business? ~ Office Pride

Join us and receive the book Five Wisdoms for Entrepreneur Survival as our gift. We’ll explore three key questions: 1) Which business model is a good fit for your family? 2) Is a franchise a good fit and what should you look for? 3) What are biblical principles for building a business? Join Todd and Valerie Jones, second generation business owners, as they discuss business ownership, gifting, and franchise systems. Discover what fits your family.

Teaching Inheritance ~ Pathway to Liberty

We have a rich heritage as Christians and as Americans. How our students define themselves has life-long implications on their values, priorities, character, and conduct, as well as their confidence and the direction they pursue in life. Learn creative ways to instill a sense of identity in your children, from daily habits to holiday events, from developing a family crest to memorizing scripture together. Learn to set holidays as memorials that last a lifetime.

Conquer the College Application ~ Patrick Henry College

Intimidated by the college application process? Unsure of how to prepare for college as a homeschooler? Have questions about how to take your application to the next level? Come learn more about how to best prepare for the college admission process.

Navigating Early College ~ Regent University

Learn how to navigate the early college and dual-enrollment process as your student prepares to pursue college-level coursework. This engaging workshop will answer your questions and provide clarification on the benefits, costs, and opportunities of pursuing advanced education from a Christian viewpoint.

RightStart™ Math: Why it Works ~ RightStart™ Math

Have you heard the buzz about RightStart™ Math? Come hear about our philosophy and what sets us apart from other curricula. We will teach children that a real mathematical problem is like a puzzle, that math is more than memorization, and that math is fun. Come and learn what’s special about our math program!

Uncover Your Child’s Inner Genius ~ ShillerLearning: Montessori at Home

Do you want your children to love learning? ShillerLearning has five tips to bring out the best in your child while making homeschooling more organized and fun. Dodge mistakes most people unwittingly make, and put your child on the path to true understanding and success. Learn how to promote the values, attitudes, cognitive skills, and work habits needed for lifetime ­success. You do not need our curriculum or special materials to start inspiring right away.

SumBlox, A Fun New Way to Teach Math ~ SumBlox

SumBlox consists of wooden number-shaped building blocks, where each block scales in height to represent its value. This visual comparison creates a tangible number line wherein elementary math problems can be done through games, challenges, and play. Teach addition through fractions. Come see what all the buzz is about!

The Truth About Wheat ~ The Bread Beckers

Gluten is one of the hottest buzz words in the health and diet scene, but the facts about gluten as well as wheat have been misrepresented and misunderstood. Sue Becker, food scientist and certified nutritionist counselor, will present the truth about wheat and why whole grains should be a significant part of a healthy diet.

Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist ~ The Medical Transcription Service

There’s a huge demand for good medical transcriptionists, both teens and adults, to work from home. Discover a step-by-step guide to what medical transcription is and how to learn medical transcription simply and cost-effectively, avoiding common (expensive!) mistakes. You will learn how to work for a national service as a scribe, editor, or transcriptionist. Topics include earning potential, computers and software, transcription equipment, electronic files, how to get hands-on work experience, and more.

The Right to Food: Whose Choice Is It? ~ Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

You may not be as free to choose as you think. VICFA, co-founded by Joel Salatin, has been a force since 2001, unraveling the legislative labyrinth that keeps you from acquiring food as you see fit. Come learn about the corporate politics of food, your government’s involvement, and how they affect the choices you are allowed to make for your family. Join other Virginians standing up for their food rights to better their nutritional options.

Not Just a Gap Year: a Foundation for Life ~ Miracle Mountain Ranch

Gap-year programs are becoming increasingly popular as students and their parents realize the potential cost of going to college with no long-term plan. But is a gap-year just a chance to get away from home, make some new friends, and gain a bit of experience? Come to this workshop to hear Daniel Stanley, director of the School of Discipleship, discuss the importance of a Christian discipleship program for all of life.