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The 2019 HEAV Virginia Homeschool Convention has over 30 speakers.

Friday Keynote B
Homeschooling is tough decision for some, the most impactful family decision ever made for many—and certainly an adventure for all of us! Imagine the adventure of being a Hollywood actor who decides to embrace the world of homeschooling! Find out at the 2019 Virginia Homeschool Convention, as keynote Kirk Cameron shares the incredible lessons he and his wife learned raising their six kids, including the fun—and funny–stories, the homeschool challenges, and wonderful victories.

Studies show that our clutter is directly tied to our stress levels, so what would happen if we simply let it go? Allie shares her journey and top tips for how she went from being depressed and overwhelmed to a thriving, happy, unburdened mom, homeschooler, and business owner simply by removing clutter from her home. Allie’s philosophy of less for moms has changed changed millions of lives across the globe.

Laura Ingalls had just one piece of chalk and a slate board she shared with her sister to learn with. Abraham Lincoln did math by writing out sums on a shovel with a piece of coal. Homeschooling used to be so simple, but today it is overwhelming. We are told we need “all the things” or our kids will miss out. Learn to apply her philosophy of minimalism over your curriculum, schedule, and routine.

Is it possible to run a successful online business while also homeschooling your children? Absolutely! Allie homeschools her four kids and runs a successful business from home. Learn how to use time blocking to structure your week, set and reach your goals, delegate and automate the things that don’t need to be taking up your time each day, and so much more!

Did you attend one of Allie’s sessions and have lingering questions or thoughts? Hang out with Allie in a super casual way and ask her anything about business, blogging, homeschooling, or simplifying. Let’s talk!

Whether or not homeschooling is a one-generation movement will depend on the vision of TODAY’s homeschoolers. Come and understand where we’ve been, where we are going, and what our future will be.

Michael Farris knows that the greatest influence in his home has been the spiritual example of his wife. He would like to share some principles of exercising that unique power for your family.

True leadership is hard to find in today’s culture, even as the shifting tides tear at the foundation of our heritage. Could it be that God is raising up homeschoolers to “repair the wall and stand in the gap” for our nation?

This session comes from the perspective of a mom who raised four teens and is a long-time, high school-level teacher (and evaluator of numerous high school homeschool programs). The high school years are your child’s resume for the future. Here’s how to maximize his time, prepare him for a changing job market, get doors to open, and facilitate non-traditional learning experiences.

What are thinking skills and why all the fuss? This seminar challenges traditional teaching methods head on by outlining the best way to teach so your child can remember and use what he has learned—even when he is an adult. Analysis, synthesis, and evaluation will be explained, along with samples of creative and critical thinking. Leave with lots of suggested resources and activities that are uncomplicated, time-saving, inexpensive, and effective.

The human brain is the most complex matter in the universe, hard-wired by God for learning. Intellectual activity keeps our brains healthy. Come experience a fast and furious overview of how our brain processes and organizes information, and the individual differences we should recognize and accommodate in each of our kids. By the end of the session, you will have a deeper understanding of God’s eternal purposes in His design of each of your children.

This session covers the timeline, coursework, tests, and extra-curricular activities that position your teen for acceptance and scholarship-consideration at the colleges of his/her choice.

Come learn the 20 power tools of learning and the brain science behind them. This session is for teens and their parents. Cut your study time in half, remember what you learn, and recall it when you need it.

Sue Becker will share how to improve your health as well as your learning skills by changing the foods you eat and learning what foods to avoid. One of the first organs affected by nutritional deficiencies is the brain. Simply put, you can’t learn if the brain is malnourished. Incorporating simple dietary changes—with healthy foods that taste good—can make the whole family, as well as your brain, happy and healthy.
Do you, or your child, suffer from food allergies, bowel issues, chronic yeast infections, eczema, asthma, behavior or concentration issues? Studies show that all of these conditions are linked to an imbalance of gut microorganisms. Sue Becker, a food microbiologist from UGA, will discuss the role of friendly gut organisms, the importance of reestablishing the “good guys” in our gut, and how easy it is to incorporate delicious fermented foods and drinks into your everyday diet.

Homeschooling is among the top 10 of more than 200 significant trends that will impact future society, says The Trends Journal, world leader in trends analysis and forecasting. If you’ve wondered what homeschooling is, or who homeschools and why, this fact-filled workshop will give you answers. From the history of homeschooling to the statistical results of the most recent nationwide study, you will receive the information you need to decide if homeschooling is right for you and your family.

Overwhelmed by friendly advice and tons of information? This informative workshop will help you weed through all the things you’ve heard and help you focus on what you really need to know for a successful homeschool year: Am I qualified? How do I prepare? Where can I go for help? What things should I never do? What are some secrets of success? And more! Don’t miss this opportunity to get off to the right start.

Know your homeschooling rights—don’t let the “legalese” confuse you! In this workshop on the Virginia homeschool law, find out who is required to attend school, what requirements you must meet in order to homeschool, what new test and evaluation options may be used, whom you should notify and when, what to do if you are homeschooling because of your sincere religious beliefs, and what types of records need to be kept. Know your options before you begin!

The first day you sent your child off to school was a big transition. Bringing your child home from school is as well! Learn what to anticipate as you leave the classroom behind, reset your thinking, and prepare for something different. You can homeschool without a traditional schedule, without co-ops and outside classes, and without covering every subject every day. Learn to relieve undue pressure and transition into a homeschool lifestyle that works for you!

Fasten your seatbelts as you embark on a fantastic voyage through both the human body and the computer with Dr. Lianna Callentine and D.R. Callentine as your tour guides. In this compelling interactive hands-on workshop, you will learn about God’s original computer and compare it to man’s design. See how your eyes work and how optical illusions fool your brain. Transport yourself into the fascinating and complex world of brain anatomy and physiology while peering into computer design. Dr. Callentine “brings the brain to life,” drawing you to the wonderful world of neuroscience as only a doctor can. D.R. propels you in the technological sinews of computers from an electrical engineering prospective. This STEM activity will blow your mind. *Each student will receive half a brain to dissect.

Unit Studies are a fun and interactive way to learn. Unit studies provide an in-depth study on a topic while exploring many areas of the topic, such as geography, science, history, art, etc. It is an immersion experience where your student will see things as a “whole” instead of in bits and pieces. Participants will learn the components of designing their own unit studies in the home.

Science offers an opportunity for your child to explore and learn about God and the order he has placed in our world. Understand the new science educational standards, what relevance they have to all students, and why a proficient knowledge of evolution must be incorporated into your students’ understanding when defending the Christian worldview. Whether you student is currently in or preparing for high school, you will be armed and ready.

Let’s face it. Teaching science may feel daunting at times. Have no fear! You can bring science alive again using the engaging hands-on world of forensics. The number of disciplines that an investigator must be familiar with when exploring the world of forensics is very broad, including general science, biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science. Forensics is an inquiry-rich field that integrates all the branches of science while emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving through hands-on exploratory methodology. Dr. Callentine will help you unpack and address your concerns about teaching science by using forensics as the backdrop in this hands-on workshop. Come put your investigative hat on and dive into the world of forensics. Parents will come away with a planning guide for teaching hands-on science and a forensics case file mini kit.

Steve relates insights he has gleaned from Scripture on how God has designed our wives—and ways that we can lay down our lives and apply biblical principles to build them up and encourage them in the Lord. When we lose our life, we find it.

When Steve is asked why he made the decision to teach his children at home, he responds, “to train our sons to live forever.” Join Steve as he reflects on strategies discovered in the Word of God on how to influence our children to follow Jesus.

Math is so much more than memorizing rules and facts. With a unique and humorous approach, Steve demonstrates how to use hands-on manipulatives to illustrate important math concepts such as place value, double digit multiplication, fractions, algebra, exponents, squares, square roots, and factoring trinomials.

Instead of mere symbols on paper, Steve demonstrates—with manipulatives—the central concepts of algebra: problem solving, exponents, squares, square roots, negative numbers, basic operations with polynomials, factoring trinomials, and graphing lines. Come and experience an “Aha” moment.

Ever heard the saying, “The days are long, but the years are short?” While there are days that can test the sanity of just about any mom, these exciting, exhausting, laughter-inducing, messy years are rich with opportunity. Make the most of every day and enjoy the beauty of this season by setting some important goals and then mapping out a plan to make the most of these beautiful preschool years!

Come discover how we can reach the heart of our boys and inspire them to pursue living a life of purpose that—like the knights of old—courageously puts the needs of others before their own. The world needs more courageous men, kind and bold, who will lead their families well and make an impact in their world. It starts with igniting the imagination, honoring their love for adventure, and casting a vision for the training process.

Come explore the scientific research behind the mind/body connection and how movement can be the key switch to turn your child ON to learning. Learn ways to incorporate movement into everyday learning to maximize your child’s learning potential.

Learning to embrace a natural, holistic way of education can make homeschooling doable and successful academically, spiritually, and socially for both the students and the parents. It’s important to let go of our preconceived notions of what “school” should look like and instead major on the strengths of homeschooling and avoid the burn out that happens when parents try to replicate a traditional school in their homes.

Prepare an environment which will cultivate lifelong readers. Reading acquisition is so much more than merely reading mechanics. Whether you have a pre-reader, emergent reader, or fluent reader, this practical workshop will give you tools to use (including developmentally appropriate activities, tips on book selection, etc.), as well as pitfalls to avoid (including jumping the gun or taking a cookie cutter approach). You will leave excited, motivated, and equipped to cultivate a culture of reading!

From trenches and truces on the Western Front to famous flying aces in the sky, let Linda Lacour Hobar (author of The Mystery of History) walk you through an invigorating summary of what teens and tweens should know about World War I through unforgettable stories and Linda’s exclusive “5-4-3-2-1 Countdown.”  (This oft-neglected conflict provides an insightful backdrop to World War II! Don’t miss it!)

Planning to teach ancient history? Need help integrating the Bible? Listen to Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, as she takes you from Creation to the birth of Christ in about an hour, placing biblical and secular history onto on amazing timeline. Watch as King Tut, King David, Nebuchadnezzar, Buddha, Cleopatra, and more come together to reveal the beautiful story of redemption found in Jesus Christ.  All ages are welcome!

Does the dark side of history get you down? Unsettled by the morbid details? Fear not! The gloom and doom of world history can be a valuable and effective tool for teaching life lessons and reaching the hearts of your students with the Gospel. Join the author of The Mystery of History for a pensive and inspirational look at how and why to embrace the dark side of history! (Ages 10 and up are welcome!)

Who are the worst of the worst dictators of the 20th century? Opinions may vary, but you can join Linda Lacour Hobar (author of The Mystery of History) to learn about the chilling rise to power of Vladimir Lenin, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler. No previous knowledge needed to appreciate what “should” be learned from history!

In this interactive workshop, parents will learn about personality and discover ways to use personality differences as an advantage rather than a deficit in the home. We will discuss the various personality assessments, including the one developed by Focus on the Family. Come learn about the brain, mind, relationships—and how it all applies to personality and a relationship with God.

Don’t leave your kids open to the misinformation of a secular world! In this relevant and popular workshop, parents will learn about the foundation for developing biblical sexual intelligence their home, from having intentional conversations with their children to providing developmentally appropriate guidance at every age.

The church is losing its next generation at an alarming rate: 50–88% of youth raised in Bible-believing Christian homes walk away at 18. What can we do about it? Just teaching Bible stories to our children isn’t working; young people in our churches need to know how to stand uncompromisingly on the authority and accuracy of the Bible so they can answer the skeptical questions of the age. Know it, live it, and share it!

Does the fossil record show slow, gradual processes or rapid, catastrophic processes? We will challenge the belief that the fossil record supports “millions of years.” Learn how bias and worldview affect the way that we see the world around us—and how to look at these things with a critical eye, so vital to having biblical answers in today’s world. Learn to reconnect the Bible to the real world. Know it!

Everyone knows humans evolved from ape-like ancestors, right? Today, we’re inundated with the message that man evolved over millions of years. Our school systems, television programs, movies, and even music push this message constantly. But, what does the “evidence” really show? Carl will discuss the supposed evolutionary “ancestors” used to “prove” human evolution, including the world famous “Lucy.” We need to have answers to these issues today. Know it, and share it!

One of the antagonistic “new atheists,” Richard Dawkins isn’t known for being friendly! We will watch and discuss a video where Dr. Dawkins ambushed creationist Wendy Wright. Many try to use the same arguments, but the claims are not difficult to answer. What about homo erectus? What about homo habilus? What about austrolopithecus? What about children having “gill slits” as they develop in the womb? Many questions are addressed in this talk. Know it!

“If ‘On the Origin of Species’ was biology’s deadliest blow to supernaturalism, we may come to see ‘A Universe from Nothing’ as the equivalent from cosmology” (New York Times, 23 Mar. 2012). See for yourself from a critique of the video of Dr. L. M. Krause’s book tour with Dr. R. Dawkins. Which makes more sense: God created everything, or nothing created everything?

If we want to reach the world today with the Gospel, we’ll need many tools at our disposal. One tool that everyone can use is conversation! We will watch popular entertainers Penn and Teller attacking Christianity and the Bible, and learn how not to answer the attacks leveled against Christians. Learn to be both real and relevant as you learn to talk with, not at, people in order to impact the culture. Share it!

Everybody knows that the conventional curriculum is broken. For most children, their minds become as fragmented as the curriculum. It doesn’t need to be like this. For nearly 2000 years, schools had a curriculum that made sense, cultivated order in the students’ souls, and prepared them to think at astonishingly high levels while maintaining harmony and balance in their thoughts and lives. Join us as we rethink the content and form of the curriculum.

What you teach and who you teach determines how you teach. The wonderful simplicity of the master teachers and the Master Teacher is breathtaking in its power and reach. In the end, children only learn in two ways, and it works best to teach them the way they learn. Come and rethink the way we teach our children and the way our teaching affects their minds and souls.

No matter how well you teach or how beautiful your materials, the way you assess your children’s work will either support or undercut your efforts. How, then, ought we assess our students’ work? How can we bless them through the feedback we give them? Come and rethink the assumptions and practices we use to determine whether our instruction is successful.

Authority is the ability to make and enforce a decision. If decisions are not made wisely and well, we cannot have orderly homes, successful businesses, or free societies. This session explores the need for wisdom and virtue in the leadership of our communities. Come and rethink governance and authority—but only if you ever have to make decisions that affect others or if you teach someone who will.

No matter how pure our ideas, we teach in a world that opposes our goals and dreams for our children. Bringing principles into a context requires wisdom. How do we prepare our children for the world in which they live? What helps and obstacles will they find on their journey? What temptations will they confront? How can they be prepared for them? The Scriptures and the Christian tradition offer all the wisdom we need.

All children have eight intelligences that can be used when learning. Each one will be defined and illustrated. Learn how to help your children learn with all eight and how they are relevant to academic success, spiritual growth, obedience, and career choice. Stop asking, “How smart is my child?” and ask, “How is my child smart?”

When children don’t focus when thinking, or don’t know what to focus on, they become frustrated and less motivated—and so do you. Learn how to focus their thinking so they know what to think about, what to think with, and why. The practical and realistic planning model will increase learning and decrease everybody’s frustration. These ideas are relevant for all ages and content areas.

Identity—how children define themselves—is extremely important. It controls behavior. Learn why it matters and how it influences children’s academics, relationships, future, hopes, and so much more. Learn how to parent so that your children will have a healthy identity and believe the most important identities of all.

Understand how and why your relationship and character development are the foundation of motivation. Learn what to focus on and what beliefs to emphasize. Learn the four roles you must play, keys to using consequences well, how to compliment and correct effectively, and how to improve communication. You’ll love the practical ideas!

Understand how technology is influencing children’s beliefs and behaviors—and ours. Discover how technology is the root of some of your biggest concerns (e.g., your children’s complaining, expectations, inability to know what to do after graduation). Learn communication patterns that matter and practical things to do to help children mature even as they keep using technology. (It’s here to stay!) You’ll find hope in this message.

You need a plan to get through your day, month, and year. Learn to survey your child’s abilities and gifts, set appropriate goals, shop wisely, and find resources and support. And finally, you must learn what to do when life interferes with your well-laid plans!

Do you like video games? How about social media? Streaming movies? Online shopping? Smart phones? All of the amazing technology you use every day was created by ordinary people who decided to learn an extraordinarily useful skill: coding. And here’s the best part: you can learn it, too! If you have ever been curious about how to program but don’t know where to begin, this is the hands-on workshop for you. Bring your laptop and learn the basics of computer coding from acclaimed author, entertainer, and conference speaker Jeremy Moritz, author of Code for Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming. Knowing how to code opens up all kinds of new, exciting possibilities. Start writing your first lines of real computer code as Jeremy Moritz personally shows you the tools and tricks needed to understand JavaScript, the world’s most commonly used coding language. Get ready for this excellent beginner’s programming workshop, and enjoy a fun and insightful introduction into the world of coding!

Software engineering is among the fastest-growing careers today, and it will only grow. Your children and teens can learn valuable programming skills, and it doesn’t require any experience, advance knowledge, or supervision on your part! As a software engineer, homeschooling father of six, and author of Code for Teens: the Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming, Jeremy Moritz shares valuable strategies to teach the next generation of programmers. Prepare your kids to control their future!

Learn practical tips to help older students develop greater independence in their studies. Learn about effective study skills and independent learning strategies. Your student can readily use them to practice and master new learning.

Have a student who is struggling? Learn how to choose materials at the right difficulty level and successfully utilize or adapt books to suit your learner. Lots of practical, research-based information to effectively individualize instruction.

Have a student with a special learning issue—or suspect you might have one? Join this lineup of experts and experienced homeschool parents to get your questions answered!

The number of apps available these days is mind-blowing. Apps are big business! While selection is good, understanding how to choose apps that teach your kids skills while protecting their data and privacy can seem overwhelming. Join Leah as she unravels the mystery of what apps should—and should not—require of users. You’ll leave with the skills you need as a parent to shop the app store with confidence to select great apps for your child.

We know that homeschooling is a full-time job. But, what if you’re called to homeschool and you’re a single parent? Or, what if a single income isn’t an option for your family? Does this mean you can’t homeschool? Learn how Leah made it work when she began working while homeschooling her two kids, all with the loving support and encouragement of her family. She’ll share the ups and downs of her journey.

Are your kids begging to join the latest social media craze? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the options? How do you deal with the security risks involved? Come hear Leah share insight she’s gained from her own involvement in social media and guiding her children through the world of teen social media. Learn to have frank conversations and walk closely with teens. Social Media is part of their future. Teach them to be safe in what they share.

Knowing what you need is the key to finding the perfect online class. Are you considering classes to fill need for a social butterfly? Are you looking for your student to have accountability to another person for one or two classes, or do you want an online school that takes the full load off you? From online class terminology to sorting out what you need, we’ll cover it all in this session.

Dinosaurs! Kids (and adults) love them. Consequently, they’ve become prime “secularist bait” to reel people, especially children, into an evolutionary worldview. Unfortunately, most Christians are at a loss as to how to respond and are in desperate need of answers. When we stand anchored on God’s Word, we have them!

Today, the enemy enjoys attacking the Bible’s history. As a result, many Christians have compromised the clear history of Genesis with evolution. But they have done so without realizing the consequential undermining of the authority of God’s Word—and the Gospel based in that authority. Real science confirms the Bible! We have a powerful method for presenting the “good news” that some might call a “radical idea.”

According to consistent research, two thirds of kids from Christian homes who are active in church will leave the faith by college age. Most will not return. Although their disappearance seems abrupt, research indicates their vanishing act starts in middle school. Why is this happening, and how do we stop this mass exodus? There is a solution.

In his book The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution, Richard Dawkins summarizes what much of the scientific community—and our culture—believes: “Evolution is a fact. Beyond reasonable doubt; beyond serious doubt; beyond sane, informed, intelligent doubt; beyond doubt, evolution is a fact…” As Christians, how do we respond? To answer, we must stand on God’s Word and carefully define evolution. When we do this, we see that real science confirms the Bible!  

When speaking of Noah’s flood today, questions inevitably arise: “How did Noah get the animals onto the ark? Where did the water come from, and go? Did the waters really cover the earth? Is there evidence of a global flood?” These are some of the questions that cause many to stumble. If we start with God’s Word, these questions are easily answered, confirm the Bible’s historicity, and afford a great opportunity for the Gospel!

This session, taught by an award-winning Internet business owner and veteran homeschool mom of seven, teaches the fundamentals of five proven home businesses your family can start part time. (They don’t require college. In fact, most home businesses don’t!) Learn why some of your children never finish a job, why others are not self-motivated, and how to work toward a lifestyle of freedom instead of a paycheck. You could possibly bring dad home, like they did!

At 18, Drew Perry became a real estate investor, bringing his college-educated dad home from corporate America in just three years. He also created a system for selling houses on eBay in 7 days, which he sold to investors. Rhea’s son Will operates a successful commercial roofing company. Not sure what to do with your budding entrepreneurs? Learn how to live simply, serve others with your natural talents, and build financial freedom through home business.

Owning a home business is one way for young people to implement practical leadership abilities to impact their world. Leadership education is different from employee-oriented education. How can you encourage your students to be leaders and not just workers? Get the answers, plus learn the secrets of entrepreneurial education that the Perry family discovered during almost 30 years of homeschooling—about educating children, not just to get a diploma, but to live financially free!

Executive functioning—what is it? How does it “play out” in real life? What happens when executive function doesn’t function? Executive function is a set of mental processes that help us connect past experience with present action. Some children, however, have trouble using it to perform activities such as planning projects, shifting from one task to another, organizing time, and more. Come learn how to help your learner with these struggles.

Have a student with a special learning issue—or suspect you might have one? Join this lineup of experts and experienced homeschool parents to get your questions answered!

You suspect your child may have a learning disability. How do you know when it’s time to seek an evaluation? How should you proceed? Come learn about the signs and symptoms of common learning challenges, including dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, central auditory processing disorder, and visual processing disorder. Recognize the risk indicators at every level, and come away with resources and strategies that really work.

Before the age of five, you children must master self-awareness, social malleability, rhyming, sequencing, story-telling, and print awareness. Mona helps you understand the importance of total immersion in rich vocabulary and the power of a powerful story.

And how do we work with them effectively? In this workshop, Mona will discuss how to recognize the signs of possible learning disabilities in your children—whether they’re in preschool or high school—and the importance of early intervention. What effect will learning disabilities have on adult life? Can accommodations help? What about related disorders? Put your mind at ease and have your questions answered.

If you freeze or break out in a cold sweat at the thought of assembling your child’s transcript, procrastinate no more. Whether you’ve kept impeccable records or are scrambling to cobble something together at the last minute, learn how your student’s homeschool education translates into a viable record of accomplishment that paves the way for scholarships, college acceptance, military entrance, and vocational opportunities. It’s time to turn this parent assignment in. You can do this!

Presented by IEW’s humorous and engaging director and master teacher, Andrew Pudewa, this workshop will allow students to engage two of the ancient arts of rhetoric: encomium and invective. Learning the art of encomium, students find something to praise and praise it. Learning the art of invective, students find something to condemn and condemn it. As they work, students will also discuss other methods of persuasion and have the opportunity to use ethos, pathos, and logos in their writing. This workshop is a great preparation for the writing section of the new SAT!

Writing is one of the most important academic skills a student must acquire, while at the same time being one of the most complex of all human brain functions. For children who struggle, breaking that complexity into the smallest possible steps is absolutely vital to make meaningful progress. In this workshop, Andrew will lead you through the first steps of this process, explaining how it can be adjusted for students of any age or aptitude.

In this talk, Andrew shares humorous experiences (and painful lessons) learned over his thirty years of teaching and homeschooling, including: (1) It’s hard not to do to your kids what was done to you; (2) Process over product; (3) All kids are different; (4) “Progressive” education doesn’t mean progress; and (5) What real “college and career readiness” is. You will be sure to leave with an expanded vision of your calling as a homeschooling educator.

Many children (and some adults) have difficulty learning to spell, but the difficulty may not be with the student so much as with the method of presentation. Find out how spelling information is most efficiently stored in the brain, and why. Gain greater insight into the nature of spelling and neurological function, and leave well-equipped to meet the needs of all your children, not just the naturally good spellers.

Escaping the conveyor belt approach of institutional education isn’t easy, but it has to be done. For many parents, our greatest handicap as teachers is our own education. In this session, you will not only come to understand the nature and purpose of today’s educational system as it was originally conceived and designed, but you will see a shining alternative path, one that develops true thinkers, leaders, and communicators—so desperately needed in today’s world.

As schools have decided that producing good readers is paramount, many children—the dyslexic, the easily distracted, the auditorily challenged—are truly left behind in the rush to improve test scores. What schools don’t know (but what many parents discover) is that reading is not simply being able to rapidly decode symbols with the eyes. Andrew will share strategies for helping students who are more likely to excel through a variety of practical, creative, and imaginative approaches.

Whining, dawdling, and failure to finish characterize too many responses from our children when tasked with chores and household responsibilities.  With four generations currently living on his family’s farm, Salatin walks us through principles to help develop entrepreneurial go-getters who love to work and hate to quit.

A growing body of evidence suggests the therapeutic effects of plants and animals on troubled people—from autism to brain injury to wounded warriors.  Using the agricultural context to sell healing rather than product is a new twist on the agriculture business, but it is no less valid and needed in today’s hurting world.

Do you want to help your kids cultivate the kind of faith they need to walk bravely with the Lord? Through her personal testimony, her own four children, and decades of experience working with youth, Kim will share practical tools, methods, and ideas for getting kids in the Word through quiet time, family devotions, and prayer habits. Help your kids impact their today and shape their tomorrow.

Wondering how to choose the right curriculum pieces for your family with so many awesome choices out there? Want help thinking outside the box while still educating your children well? Join veteran homeschool mom and curriculum specialist Kim Sorgius as she gives you a simple formula to find the perfect curriculum for your unique family’s needs, as well as an educational road map from preschool to graduation. Great for all homeschool styles and preferences!

Do you struggle to find balance between enjoying the freedom of homeschooling and laying the foundation of good discipline and educational habits? If you know you can’t do everything and you’re ready for a team approach, this is the session for you! Join Kim as she shares 20 years of classroom and homeschool-mom secrets. She’ll troubleshoot the pitfalls while helping your family create habits, routines, and systems to make your homeschool life enjoyable and productive!

Frustrated with sibling fighting? You’re not alone.  It’s impossible to put two people in the same place without occasional friction, but that doesn’t mean you must accept the world’s combative view on siblings. God has a beautiful plan for this treasured relationship. Join Kim Sorgius, mom of two girls and two boys, as she shares practical strategies and life-changing truths.

Just because you don’t have a fancy camera doesn’t mean you can’t take amazing pictures! It’s how the photographer thinks—regardless of what camera he’s using—that determines how a picture turns out. Learn from the professionals and soak in a host of simple photography tricks anyone can apply with any camera. Know what to start looking for. Know what limitations to start avoiding. There are special moments happening around you every day—learn to capture them well!

Positioning people so they look great in your photos doesn’t have to be something that happens by chance! Why not learn some tips of the trade? Great portraits are also a product of learning to see light and understanding how it works. Observe how basic three-point lighting works, and watch a professional use his studio lighting kit, as we cover the techniques of using short lighting, broad lighting, and split lighting on your subjects!

Are your pictures not turning out like you want? Is “Auto” just not working? The automatic modes can be great, but they will only take you so far. It’s time to explore, be creative, shoot special effects, and override the settings that your camera is automatically choosing for you. Come take a look inside the camera to find out how it works, and learn how to “unlock” your camera and start shooting like the pros!

Through Matthew’s comical, highly interactive personality and logical, sensible approach to writing, students will learn that writing doesn’t have to be painful. Rather, writing can be easy. Writing can be doable. Writing can be fun? Well, if not fun, at least…done! In this session, students will learn the basic structure of compositions and how it applies to all writing. Students will learn the logical, step-by-step approach to any composition as well. Following this basic overview, Stephens will take students through the writing process, building from a simple paragraph to an essay, modeling each composition in a step-by-step approach.

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to help your reluctant writer produce quality writing, this sit-down, table-to-table interactive workshop is for you. Stephens will share information about common causes of reluctance including dyslexia, motivation, attitude, and expectations to help you understand your reluctant writer and explain easy ways to get your reluctant writer on the road to writing success. One-on-one questions and answers are always welcome!

Do you ever wonder which components are needed to make up a balanced language arts program? In this sit-down, table-to-table interactive session, English curriculum author Matthew Stephens talks about what makes a balanced language arts program for all grade-level categories. Get clear information about what your child should be learning in language arts for every grade level.

Grading and scoring writing can be frustrating and difficult. In this interactive, sit-down, hands-on, personalized workshop, Matthew Stephens explains the ins and outs of the writing journey and provides guidance on how to assess something so subjective. You will not only be led through the scoring process with compositions submitted by attendees, but Stephens will also provide you with multiple scoring options to help you feel comfortable in assessing your student(s) writing. Because Stephens understands there is not a one-size-fits-all for scoring, he will provide personalized attention by explaining the writing journey and answering individual questions.

What is the foundation of your homeschool? How do you give a child the best atmosphere for learning and growth? Children are persons, and we can create a safe, stimulating environment that leads them into their full potential. Learn how to develop a vision for your homeschool that suits your children and their needs.

Have a student with a special learning issue—or suspect you might have one? Join this lineup of experts and experienced homeschool parents to get your questions answered!

Are you trying to keep track of lesson plans, activities, and your own thoughts and plans, but you keep running out of space or losing your notes? Do you need a place to write down a great quote for later use? Do you want to be creative but have limited time? Bullet journaling combines planning with journaling to provide mothers (and fathers) with one place to keep their thoughts, plans, and dreams in an individualized and organized fashion. This hands-on workshop will teach you some of the principles and practices of bullet journaling while explaining how and why this method is uniquely suited to homeschooling.

Does homeschooling in high school strike fear in your heart? Are you in the trenches and looking for direction? This workshop provides principles to wisely navigate high school. We’ll also overview record keeping, graduation requirements, apprenticeships, and PSAT/SAT/ACT testing while examining some options available to help your students reach their final destination. We’ll have a Q & A to get your questions answered!

Teaching reading is as easy as A-B-C…or is it? Join us as we examine the factors that affect a child’s reading Ability, the Basics of reading success and teaching theory; and examine reading Curriculum, looking at the popular approaches and the wide range available. We’ll share pre-reading exercises and tips designed to develop reading fluency and comprehension will be shared in order to help you equip your emergent reader.

Using key management principles helps build a framework to successfully teach multiple ages in your homeschool. From curriculum choices to organizing lesson plans, from school to family life, from little ones to high school, this workshop will provide you tried-and-true guidelines for successfully homeschooling your family.

Finding yourself in the middle of a math war with all the competing options? Sequential? Spiral? Conceptual? Procedural? Choosing math curriculum seems so complicated. This workshop will help you navigate this battlefield and choose the best math curriculum for your family. We’ll overview US math education—including current standards for math—and take a comparative look at many popular math programs. We’ll have time for you to get your math questions answered!  

Marriage, the way God intended it to be, is a true art form. That’s why for more than 40 years, FamilyLife has been helping couples understand God’s plan for relationships. Join our FamilyLife guest speakers and homeschool parents Keith and Trish Tully as they share their own story of redemption and the biblical truths to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design.

Conflict is common to all marriages and is an opportunity to trust in the character of God. Join Keith and Trish as they discuss communication and conflict resolution. Learn the “rules of engagement” that allow you to “fight fair” in your marriage.

Our marriages are never static. We are always moving—either toward isolation or toward oneness! Come hear the truths taught nationwide by FamilyLife that will help your marriage move toward a oneness that will empower you to leave a godly legacy.

When do you get started and what do you do first? We’ve had precocious readers and late bloomers, but every one of them has benefited from being homeschooled from the beginning. Learn to relax and introduce your little ones to the joy of learning in a gentle and realistic way that will prepare them to succeed academically.

Ever had a war break out in the middle of history, or had a math lesson last three hours? You may be teaching a boy! Learn how to preserve academic confidence in your sons—early birds, late bloomers, and those who would just rather not. Come hear from the award-winning authors of Raising Real Men, who’ve taught six boys from kindergarten to graduation, as they share how to turn wiggle worms into scholars—and enjoy doing it!

When you get to the end of your homeschooling and your child leaves home, things get real. At that point, the only thing you’ll have is your kids’ relationships—with God and with you. Discover encouraging research that highlights the critical importance of relationships in the spiritual life of our children, and get practical help to build the kind of relationships in your family that will be a blessing all your life.

The turmoil of the preteen years usually catches parents by surprise. Diligent students become addled and distracted. Kids raised in church start questioning the existence of God. Sweet children climb onto an emotional rollercoaster—and then invite you to join them. Don’t get a ticket for that ride! Learn to resist the temptation to lose it yourself, and how to shepherd your children through this challenging age. Lay a foundation to make the teen years great!

Today’s men grow up with challenges to their purity on every side. In a time when over 90% of teens have been exposed to Internet pornography, how can we teach our boys to keep their way pure? What can we do, when temptation is lurking on friends’ phones and beckons just a click away? How can we give them a biblical context for sexuality? Here, the parents of six sons give you frank, practical advice.