Ruth Cooper thoroughly enjoys the mystery and beauty inherent in the mathematical and engineering worlds, and she works to share that delight with others. She believes each student learns in his or her own way, and her ultimate goal is to find what it will take for every student to be successful in their studies. Ruth is a homeschool graduate who holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh, Scotland) and a partially-completed degree in premedical biomedical engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has varied interests ranging from lifeguard, EMT, and Uber driver to bookkeeper, test scorer, and webcomic creator (myxnor.com). Ruth loves CrossFit® and running, which is contrasted by a desire to chill at Starbucks, drink coffee, and do Sudoku.


X and Y Got Nothin’ on Me: Algebra Like a Boss
X and Y: These two little letters have caused countless tears and hardships for many teachers and students throughout the centuries. There is simply no way algebra could be interesting, applicable, or fun—or is there? Sometimes, all you need is a slightly different perspective to cause those “lightbulb” moments. Algebra doesn’t have to be a hopeless jumble of letters; come and learn some different ways to think about X and Y.