Equipping Women with Confidence

Connie Albers shares her experiences and knowledge with other work-at-home and homeschooling moms to help equip them in their calling. Balancing her own roles as a wife and business partner, speaker, homeschool expert, consultant, and active volunteer, she has learned to discover resilience and joy within the stop and go of life. She has been a spokesperson for Fortune 500 companies and served as a director and board member for a nonprofit state homeschool organization. Her work in the political arena has included serving as a senior strategist for a successful U.S. Congressional campaign and building communities as a speaker relations and events manager for Apologia Educational Ministries, as well as consulting for various executives, brands, and homeschooling companies. She and her husband, Tom, have been married 32 years and have successfully homeschooled their five children.


What If I Ruin My Child?
Have you wondered if homeschooling would ruin your child? If you answered yes, then take comfort—you are not alone! We all struggle at some point with this thought. After all, homeschooling is “on the job” training. When Connie started homeschooling 25 years ago, that is what she thought as well. During this presentation, parents will learn truths from a mom who knows you are not ruining your child.

Help for Mompreneurs
The rise of mompreneurs in the homeschooling community requires the active pursuit of a healthy balance between their homeschooling, work, and family needs. As a mother of five, active volunteer, business owner, and veteran homeschooler, Connie Albers discusses how to delegate effectively, set realistic goals, and find work that fits the homeschooling lifestyle. During this presentation, she will share with you how to manage your homeschool and evaluate your workload so that your family runs smoothly. Come and learn from a mom who has lost the balance battle many times, but her resilient spirit—and her desire to finish well and not short her family—will help you in your mompreneur journey.

Discover What’s Right with Your Middle School Child
Have you caught yourself thinking, “What happened to my child?” Your once thoughtful, gentle, compliant child has gone missing, and you are trying to learn about this new person. God designed this season of transitioning from children to young adults. They stop needing a mommy and start needing a mentor. As a parent, you are the best mentor they could have. In this presentation, Connie will focus on tools that will increase your understanding of how God made your child—and you. Join her to discover what is “right” with your middle schooler.

From Notebooking to Online Classes
Connie has navigated the seasons of homeschooling for 25 years. Her knowledge of teaching children according to their strengths and learning styles, as well as understanding your teaching style, make her a conference favorite. This presentation addresses how to assess what is best for your child and your family from the experience of a mom of five homeschool graduates. She shares stories from what her kids taught her about what worked and what didn’t. Hint: every child is different!

Starving the Fear
I can’t do this! How can I teach my child when I don’t know phonics or physics? Has this thought run through your mind? Connie knows all too well the anxiety surrounding homeschooling. After 21 years of teaching her five children, she is here to proclaim that you don’t need a degree; you need determination and discernment, and consistent devotions. Connie will share three truths every parent needs to know to starve the fears and finish well.