Soldering for Kids

STEM Workshop Only at the Convention!

Due government restrictions, the 37th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention has been canceled.
This difficult decision was not made lightly, but with drastic, new restrictions in place, there is simply no other choice.

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If you’re registered for the convention, please check your email for your refund information.

Are you a “Science Kid?” Do you have a future Engineer? Our workshop gives students an introduction to wlectronics and teaches how to solder.

Peter T. Miller, CEO Applied Inspirations, LLC.


We want to connect kids to the passion for which God has designed them. This could be an event that defines their future career. 

Students will learn to solder and learn some basic electronics, including reading a simple schematic and understanding component functions. This workshop is perfect for teens and younger. We have seen students change their career because of this workshop. Students will build and take home their own kit (included; normally retails for $14.99.)

Homeschool Hands-On STEM - Computer Programming




12 and up


Friday, June 12
10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

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