Fun Music Ministry Opportunity!

HEAV invites you to come and play background music at the 36th Annual Virginia Homeschool Convention!

Volunteer Musicians Wanted

We are looking for experienced musicians to fill the registration lobby with refreshing music throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. If you are interested in participating in this fun volunteer opportunity, below are the details and contact information.


  1. The HEAV convention background music program is a ministry opportunity for musicians to practice serving others by providing convention attendees with refreshing, pleasant music. Background music for the HEAV convention must fit within the following categories: Classical, Sacred, and Traditional (Ex: Yankee Doodle, America the Beautiful, Turkey in the Straw), and not Rock, Popular or Jazz. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. We are looking for instrumentalists, pianists, vocalists, and small ensembles.
  3. This opportunity is open to homeschoolers; homeschooling families; and homeschool graduates and parents. Musicians need not be registered for the convention to play in the registration lobby. Just bear in mind that without registering, admittance is not given to the exhibit hall or workshops/seminars.
  4. If you have not previously volunteered as an HEAV Convention background musician, please send a brief recording sample (video or audio file) of your playing, and a short description of your musical experience for review to the email address below.
  5. All musicians please dress up (concert attire or Sunday best, and no shorts or jeans) during your assigned playing time(s). Thank you so much.
  6. If you feel the need for amplification (Ex: children with small voices, etc.) please request permission from the background music coordinator by email.Please contact the background music coordinator at: