Thursday's Dissection Lab at the convention is fun for students, parents--or both!

You are the Apple of God’s Eye: Peering into the Inner Workings of the Eye

With Dr. Lainna Callentine, aka “Dr. C.”


We strive to set our eyes on the task for which the Lord has uniquely called our lives. By training our eyes to keep the focal point on God, our special calling begins to converge with clarity. A pictorial representation of the eye can only take you so far in the understanding of the eye. Embark on a voyage through the inner working of eye with your engaging tour guide, Dr. Lainna Callentine. Follow light on its journey through the eye. Discover how the eye works in this fascinating hands-on dissection workshop. Participants will perform a cow eye dissection and explore hands-on stations to gain a deeper understanding of the inner working of the eye and how it works with the brain to bring visual clarity to the world around you. This workshop is perfect for your teen or for the family. (Children 12 years and under must be accompanied with an adult.)

$29/student, ages 13 and up
$10/ parent audit