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When To Test

Q. When should homeschoolers test? A. If you decide to use a standardized achievement test, the law requires you to provide a composite test score

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Deadline to Begin

Q. Can I begin homeschooling now? A. Yes, you can begin homeschooling after the school year has begun! You may begin after the August 15th

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Moving to a New County

Q. Although we provided test results and then notified that we were moving to another county, our previous superintendent has requested a copy of the

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NOI Contact Information

Q. After receiving my Notice of Intent, the superintendent’s office is asking me to provide phone and email contact information. Is this required? A. The

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Diploma Lost

Q. I’m about to send in my Notice of Intent, but my diploma is lost. I can’t find it anywhere. Should I use option 4

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Testing Level

Q. Which test level should I use to show educational progress? The one for the present year or the one for the year my child

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Testing Early

Q. I tested my son in October when we began homeschooling. Can I submit these test results or do I need to test him again?

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