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Virginia Homeschool Transcripts

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giHVN8N875wJust what needs to go into a homeschool transcript? Do I need to keep special records for Virginia homeschooling? Get answer to these and other

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Homeschool Virginia Questions and Answers

Understanding Credits

Q. Some homeschool co-ops offer credits for courses. Should I give my children credits for the classes I teach them at home? A. A credit is

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High School Credits

Q. About how many hours of high school work equals one credit hour for a transcript? A. There are several acceptable ways to calculate a

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Verified Credits

Q. Are “verified credits” necessary (or recommended for college entrance) for a homeschool high school transcript. Would dual-enrollment courses in a community college count as verified

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Homeschool Virginia Questions and Answers

GED vs. Diploma

Q. Should my child take the GED exams? A. Although a GED credential can be earned by a homeschool graduate, HEAV does not recommend a

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