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Standardized Testing of Achievement

Q. How can I find out if my standardized testing option complies with the law? A. There are hundreds of tests

Standardized Tests for End-of-Year Homeschooling

Q. How do I know if a particular test complies with end-of-year testing requirements? A. I know testing can be

Evidence of Progress

I know evidence of progress is due by August 1 because I filed under the homeschool statute, but I really

Testing If Moving in the Spring

Q. We’ll be moving out of state in June. Am I required to test and send a copy of the

Composite Score and List of Subjects

Q. I have been told that I should teach and submit only what is required by the law and that

EOY Test Evaluator

Q. Can a homeschool evaluator be retired? The person I would like to evaluate my child is a retired teacher

Blacking Out Test Results

Q. Should I black out the test results for history and science on my child’s standardized achievement test before sending

PSAT vs. Standardized Achievement Test

Q. Can the PSAT be used in place of a standardized achievement test for end-of-year homeschool testing in  Virginia? What

Do I Have to Submit Test Scores if I move and homeschool in Virginia Mid-Year?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5y0szQOh80One mom moved to Virginia and submitted her Notice of Intent to homeschool. The superintendent responded that she needed to

Testing Virginia Homeschoolers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_F4a6WTjk5AThis weekly Q&A Live session with Yvonne Bunn answers your questions about what is required by law for end-of-year testing

Testing Accommodations

Q. Can I use testing accommodations for my child who is a struggling reader? A. Unless your child has a

Homeschool Probation by Mistake

A. I received a letter that I have been put on probation! I hand-delivered my Notice of Intent and test

Testing Before Homeschooling

Q. I moved from out of state and filed a Notice of Intent for the first time. The superintendent’s office

Graduating Early

Q. Is it possible to graduate my 16-year-old Virginia homeschooled teen early since she has completed all her high school

Sharing Information

Q. Although we provided test results and then notified that we were moving to another county, our previous superintendent has

Grade Level Assessment

Q. My daughter did not do well in a private school last year. I’m having her tutored this summer to

Testing with a Local School

Q. When I filed my Notice of Intent, the school district offered to test my child in the spring with

Testing and the Composite Score

Q. When testing, do you administer all or part of the standardized achievement test? A. The Virginia homeschool statute, §

Testing If Behind in One Subject

Q. My two elementary-age children did not do well in math, so I put them back one grade level in

Testing at Public School

Q. Must my child take the history and science portions of a standardized achievement test when he takes the test

Testing Special Needs

Q. I have a child who is struggling to learn. I may need to have him tested, but I don’t

When To Test

Q. When should homeschoolers test? A. If you decide to use a standardized achievement test, the law requires you to

NOI Denied Without Test Scores

Q. We homeschooled last year but didn’t test because my teen wanted to go to public school this year. After

Test Scores Lost or Late

Q. What happens if a parent fails to send in test scores or sends them in late? A. If a

SOLs and Reenrollment

Q. Is there a law that requires homeschooled students to make up missed SOL’s if they re-enrolled in public school?

AP Test

Q. My teen would like to take the Japanese AP exam from the public school next year. They do not

Homeschool Evaluator Requirements

Q. What do I need to do to become certified as an homeschool evaluator for homeschool students? A. Special training

Testing a Kindergartener

Q. I recently received a letter from my county superintendent saying my kindergartener must be tested. I didn’t think I

Testing Level

Q. Which test level should I use to show educational progress—the one for the current year or the year my