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Why Homeschool Teens

– by Debra Bell I am all for Christians entering and engaging the culture. That’s the end goal. But I’m convinced adolescence is not the

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Test Level

Q. Our son is working below grade level on some subjects, though he tested fine on the end-of-year, grade-level test. After I submitted his results,

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Homeschooling Numbers

Q. How many homeschoolers are in Virginia? A. According to the Virginia Department of Education, the numbers for 2016-2017 show that the number of homeschoolers

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High School Credits

Q. About how many hours of high school work equals one credit hour for a transcript? A. There are several acceptable ways to calculate a

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Homeschooling Again

Q. If my child goes back to public school, can I take her out and homeschool her again if it doesn’t work out? What should

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Keep Schoolwork

Q: How long are you required to keep your child’s schoolwork? A: The Virginia homeschool law does NOT require you to keep your child’s school

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