homeschool problems

Letting Go and Letting God in Homeschool Problems

by Jamerrill Stewart Homeschool problems? What problems could there be? Whew!―Boy, this homeschooling stuff is easy, were my thoughts as

Hidden Allergies and Learning

by Dianne Craft At a recent consultation for their twelve-year-old daughter, a dad stated, “If you do nothing else for

Homeschool Problems: Caught in a Hedge of Thorns?

Beth Sterne Do you often wish homeschool and life would “go better?” Do you feel as if you’re caught

Homeschooling a Child Who Learns Differently

Kathy Kuhl Often parents ask me about starting to homeschool. Here’s what I’d say to anyone starting out: Don’t Panic

Back to Routine: Keeping On

It’s been a rough couple of weeks around here. Not much hope for getting back to routine. I had a

Vacation Brain – When You Need a New Brain

KYNDRA STEINMANN Lately, I’ve had a bad case of “vacation brain”! As is usual at this point in the year,

Troubleshooting Your Homeschool Plan: Curriculum, Teacher, or Child?

by Kyndra Steinmann At this point in the year, most of us have at least a month’s worth of schooling

Sick Days and the Unexpected

This past week was supposed to be one of much accomplishment! Co-op is over for the semester, which gives us

When the First Day Goes Badly

By Kyndra Steinmann I see all the pictures in my newsfeed of happily smiling children getting ready for school. Of

Humility and Understanding

by Kyndra Steinmann When I was a girl, I used to get stuck on a math problem and tell my

But Where Did All the Pencils Go?

by Kyndra Steinmann This morning was one of those school days that “did not go well.” The fourth-grader argued with