Learning with Legos: Eight Ways Lego Play Boosts Literacy

“Play is the highest form of research.” ~ Albert Einstein The word Lego® conjures up many favorable thoughts for parents

Getting Back on Track: Instilling Good Work Habits

By Kyndra Steinmann It’s been a hectic spring around here. I’m exhausted just remembering–and it wreaked havoc with our homeschool schedule and our

Teach Public Speaking: One Essential Skill

by Kyndra Steinmann When I was a girl, the homeschool group in Williamsburg/James City County and Charles City Counties in

3 Steps to Making Game Nights Meaningful: Learning to Lose

by Lynna Sutherland Most homeschool moms love the idea of playing board games. Family game nights are a great idea

Teaching Art to Young Children

by Sharon Jeffus When we think of art for preschool and early elementary, we need to think of fun and

What Should My Child Know?

Q. Where can I find information about what my child should be learning at his grade level? I’m concerned that

Test Level and Grade Level

Q. Our son is working below grade level on some subjects, though he tested fine on the end-of-year, grade-level test.

Immunizations and Homeschoolers

Q. If I send in a Notice of Intent, does that mean I must comply with the immunization requirements? A.

How to Evaluate a Child

Q. For an evaluation, it says the child must show progress. Since my special needs child is behind in several

CAT-5 Test Change

Q. I understand the CAT-5 survey test is being phased out. Is there another test that covers only what the

IEP and Notice of Intent

Q. Since my child had an IEP, is there anything extra I need to do when I file my Notice

Special-Needs Resources

Q. I have a child who is struggling to learn. I may need to have him tested, but I don’t