Diploma Lost

Q. I’m about to send in my Notice of Intent, but my diploma is lost. I can’t find it anywhere. Should I use option 4

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Homeschool Diplomas

Q. How do I get a diploma when my teen is ready to graduate? We use a correspondence school, but I prefer a Virginia diploma.

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State-Recognized Diploma

Q. My teen’s college application asks if he has received a state-recognized high school diploma. How should I respond? A. Without directly saying “no,” I

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GED For Option 1

Q. Does a GED qualify as a high school diploma for option (i) of the homeschool law? A. A GED is not accepted as a

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GED vs. Diploma

Q. Should my child take the GED exams? A. Although a GED credential can be earned by a homeschool graduate, HEAV does not recommend a

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Diploma Needed

Q. Do I really have to send my diploma? I don’t have it! What should I do? A. Yes, if you checked option (i) on

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