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The Dog Days of Summer

by Megan Bittner Have you ever wondered where this phrase comes from? You might be surprised to find out that

Celebrating Independence

Celebrate the 4th of July—Independence Day—with more than picnics and fireworks this year! Check out the Homeschool Classroom for some

Water Works: Teaching Sustainable Living

by Megan Bittner  Water is one of our most precious resources and conserving and using it wisely is a great

Bubbles & Balloons: Fun Summer Experiments for Your Homeschool

by Megan Bittner Bubbles and balloons are the perfect tools for some “lazy” summer learning! You can use them to

Honoring Memorial Day In Your Homeschool

By Megan Bittner In the Old Dominion, we live in a very diverse community that includes many military families stationed

Family Biking Adventures for Homeschoolers

Did you know May is National Bike Month? As this unusual school year comes to a close and the warm

A Hobby for a Lifetime: Photography & Scrapbooks

by Megan Bittner Where are your family photos? Do you have pictures tucked away in a shoebox? On an old

Samuel Morse: Morse Code and Secret Codes

by Megan Bittner Codes, such as the Morse code, have been used throughout history to communicate, signal distress, and transmit

Count Me In: Teaching Kids About Money and Finances

by Megan Bittner Is it ever too early to start learning how to save and spend money wisely? Answer this

Growing Selfless Children

by Megan Bittner “How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the

Growing Gardeners: 25 Ways to Create a Gardening Homeschool

by Megan Bittner Now that spring has sprung (yesterday was the season’s first day, believe it or not!), it’s time

STEM Basics: Computers, Coding & Application

by Megan Bittner With the increasing application of computers and technology in many career fields, teaching computer science–basics and beyond–has

13 Experiments and Activities for Teaching Dental Health

by Megan Bittner With February being National Dental Health Month and National Dentist Day coming up on March 6, now

Hands-On Reading Fun for Everyone

by Megan Bittner There is a plethora of benefits you can gain from everyday reading, including mental stimulation, knowledge, vocabulary

Valentine’s Day

by Megan Bittner The Art of Love These yarn-wrapped hearts from Fynes Designs are a versatile craft that can be

In Session: Exploring the Virginia General Assembly and State Legislature

The Virginia General Assembly convened on January 10 for the 2018 legislative session, providing an excellent opportunity for students to

Homeschool Lessons for the Winter Blahs

Frigid temperatures and slushy roads will eventually make anyone start longing for spring, but don’t wish that snow and ice

Beyond the Gingerbread House: Holiday Baking for Your Homeschool

Beyond the Gingerbread House: Holiday Baking for Your Homeschool Holiday season is a perfect time to incorporate some baking classes

10 Ideas for Making Writing Fun

Have you spent what seems like countless hours coaxing sentences out of your reluctant writer? Have you struggled to help

Where Did The Time Go?

1.1 More Sun!: Learning About Daylight Saving Time 1.2 Benjamin Banneker and Clock Building 1.3 Clockwatchers: Time Management for Teens

Gameschooling: Teaching with Play in Your Homeschool

Have you–or do you want to–take a break from homeschooling? Try adding some homeschool games into your planning. Include some

Autumn Activities for Your Homeschool

Fall is an exciting time to study nature. As homeschoolers, we have the enviable opportunity to make our studies experiential.

Columbus Day

We know that Christopher Columbus was not the first European to discover the Americas, but his discovery did lead to

Audiology and Hearing

In honor of National Audiology Month, the Homeschool Classroom’s resources focus on hearing, the anatomy of the ear, and sign

Constitution Unit Study

September 17 is National Constitution Day. The resources in the Homeschool Classroom can help you design a constitution unit study

Emergency Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month. Being prepared for an emergency can mean the difference between life and death. The resources

National Eye Exam Month

In honor of National Eye Exam Month, Home Educators of Virginia is dedicating our homeschool classroom section of the Update

8 Ways to Be a Better Mom

– by Crystal Paine Make your relationship with the Lord your number-one priority. If you’re too busy for God, you’re

Summer Harvest

The summer harvest includes all kinds of tasty treats for our families to enjoy. Homeschoolers can use this season to

2017 Solar Eclipse

The first solar eclipse to traverse across the entire continent in 99 years will take place Monday, August 21, 2017.