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Homeschool Teatime

Right now, your homeschool probably isn’t lacking for at-home together time! But while there is a temporary moratorium on extra-curricular activities outside your home, how are

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Morse Code and Secret Codes

Codes have been used throughout history to communicate, signal distress, and transmit secret information. One of the most recognizable codes is Morse code, developed by

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Teaching with Drama

You’ve probably already realized that effective teaching requires a certain dramatic element! Even if the drama is merely in your displayed enthusiasm as a means

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fall-science-experiments-home living

Five Fall Science Experiments

Science experiments come into their own in the fall! Changes in the natural world around us, beginning-of-the-school-year enthusiasm, and cooling temperatures starting to limit time

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History of pizza-homeschool living

The History of Pizza

Sometimes the best learning happens without lesson plans or lapbooks. Challenge your kids to learn something new about a random topic–like the history of pizza!

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