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Creative Homeschooling: Your Family Quilt

Creative Homeschooling: Your Family Quiltby Megan Mora Fuentes After the excitement of the holidays dies down, all the decorations are put away,

Five Creative Ways to Welcome the New Year

by Megan Mora Fuentes At the end of a year that presented a lot of challenges and difficulty for many,

Creative Homeschool Geography: Around the World on a Cookie Tray

The Christmas season, with help from some creative homeschool geography, can be the perfect time to incorporate some holiday baking

Learning to Give – Easy Handmade Gifts and Crafts

A lot of children are very familiar with the joy of receiving gifts—especially around holiday time! But these easy handmade

Advent and Celebrating the Birth of Christ: 2000 Years in the Making 

by Megan Mora Fuentes Advent is a time of anticipation and reflection for many––and as homeschoolers, we always look for

Gratitude: Counting Your 1000+ Blessings

Learning gratitude, to be grateful and say “thank you” isn’t always the easiest lesson to teach–or learn. In a season

Five Homeschool Literature Study Ideas: Robert Louis Stevenson

As the weather gets cooler, a fun literature study is a great way to spend some cozy fall afternoons. Incorporating

You DON’T Snooze You Lose: Healthy Sleep Habits for Your Homeschool

You’re probably looking forward to the end of Daylight Saving Time this weekend for some healthy sleep. That one “extra”

Does Your Vote Count?: Representation and the Electoral College

by Megan Mora Fuentes To vote is to have a voice. Election Day is the perfect opportunity to teach kids

Homeschool History: 100s of Years in the Making

Homeschool History: Revolutionary War Unit Studyby Megan Mora Fuentes Getting inspiration for your homeschool history unit study can be as

Family Homeschool Activities

Turning Your Nature Walks into a Unit Study by Megan Mora Fuentes The family homeschool is the best way to

Creative Teaching with Drama

You’ve probably already realized that effective teaching requires a certain dramatic element! Even if the drama is merely in your

Gearing Up for Fall: Your Homeschool Schedule

by Megan Mora Fuentes What does your homeschool schedule look like? How does your plan flow through the year? Whether

Homeschool Geology: Rock Collecting

by Megan Mora Fuentes Today is National Collect Rocks Day–a great low-key way to bring some spontaneity and celebration to

Teaching Life Skills: You Keep Me in Stitches

Fun Sewing Activities for Kids by Megan Bittner When you plan your homeschool curriculum, you likely include some life skills

Neither Rain Nor Snow: Postal Service Unit Study

by Megan Bittner Postal Service Homeschool Unit Study Kick off your school year with a unique homeschool unit study! Neither

Homeschool Handi-kids: DIYs & Tool Safety

by Megan Bittner Homeschooling is about so much more than reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic! Incorporating learning into everyday homeschool living

Homeschool Adventures: Geocaching

by Megan Bittner What afternoon homeschool adventures wouldn’t be made better by the element of a treasure hunt? Geocaching combines

Sea Creatures Unit Study | HEAV

by Megan Bittner Sea creatures make fantastic unit study subjects. Some of the most awe-inspiring ocean dwellers share some physical

To the Moon And Back: Moon Unit Study

by Megan Bittner Are you looking for a fun family activity that doesn’t require any travel? We have a full

Ice Cream Science: 7 Fun Experiments

As many families are facing significant changes in their schooling methods, summer plans, and even lifestyles this year, a fun

Explore American Landmarks from Home!

Your summer road trip plans may have been derailed this year, but there are still plenty of ways to explore

Survive & Thrive: Outdoor Summer Homeschool

A favorite outdoor summer homeschool activity for many families is camping and hiking–and Virginia is blessed with glorious outdoor adventure

Teaching Kids About the Value of Money

Is it ever too early to start learning how to save and spend money wisely? Answer that question and more

History of Newspapers & Journalism

Perhaps now more than ever, teaching your children the history of newspapers and the importance of honest journalism, how to

History of Airplanes: Orville & Wilbur Wright Unit Study

As we shift from spring into summer, a fun outdoor unit study is just the thing to bring your homeschool

American History: Oregon Trail Unit Study

A homeschool unit study is a great way to incorporate a variety of activities into your study of American history.

Teaching Patience: Finding Joy in the Wait

Patience is a hard lesson to learn–and teach! And yet, one of the greatest blessings of homeschooling is that it

An Apple A Day Makes a Simple Homeschool Unit Study

With apple trees bursting into bloom all around us, now is a great time to consider putting together a homeschool

Homeschool Teatime

Right now, your homeschool probably isn’t lacking for at-home together time! But while there is a temporary moratorium on extra-curricular activities