Heart and Hands

Right-Brain Writing

Writing comes naturally for many children, and others learn it only after the writing process is taught in detail. However, some children never find writing

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Is It Dysgraphia?

By: Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP One of the most common and most misdiagnosed processing problems in children is a blocked writing gate.  This is the

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Homeschool moms need a break, too!

Vacation Brain

Lately, I’ve had a bad case of “vacation brain”! As is usual at this point in the year, we have reached the end of our

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Talking ‘By the Way’

by Kyndra Steinmann Recently I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a number of homeschool moms who are just beginning their journey. They have the

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A Spirit of Fear

By Kyndra Steinmann How often, I wonder, do I say “no” to something because I am afraid? “No” to the children’s desire to do something.

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