Harnessing the Power of the Sun: Solar Energy

A unit study on solar energy is the perfect summer homeschool activity! Take advantage of the long days and plentiful sunshine and spend some time learning about the power of the sun and the benefits and uses of solar energy.

This solar energy unit study and lesson plan can be used for students ages eight to eighteen, so you’ll find something fun to add to your summer homeschool whether your students are in elementary or high school. Learn about solar power and solar panel design and operation, examine solar calculators and how they work, practice teamwork, and explore the engineering problem solving/design process.

Solar Summer Homeschool Activities

Students of all ages love hands-on experiments! Check out these seven sun science experiments for kids and you’ll find some great summer homeschool family activities. Make solar s’mores and sun tea, practice research skills with observation and documentation with ice melting experiments, try shadow drawing, track your day with a sundial, and more!

You can make your own DIY solar oven with some simple household items and a little patience. This post from Home Science Tools shares easy-to-follow instructions for constructing and setting up your solar ovenr, as well as tips and tricks for using it.

What comes to mind when you think of solar energy? You might picture the rows and rows of solar panels you’ve seen along the highway or on large farms, but the truth is that you’re probably utilizing–or could be utilizing!–solar energy in ways you don’t even realize. Check out these seven examples of solar energy use in everyday life for some energy-saving inspiration.

You might not be able to convert all your energy usage to solar power, but you can take advantage of solar energy resources in small ways in your own home. These green building design concepts outline several ways passive solar energy collection can be used in your home.

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