Raising Real Men

Hal & Melanie Young

Feature Speakers

Hal and Melanie are homeschooling parents of eight and the authors of several books, including Raising Real Men, My Beloved and My Friend, and the Amazon bestseller Love, Honor, and Virtue. They host the podcast Making Biblical Family Life Practical and are popular conference speakers throughout North America, known for a focus on Christ, grace, and stories about practical application of the Bible day-to-day. They have six sons and two daughters—with four grown, and four still sharing noisy, messy happiness in eastern North Carolina.

Hal & Melanie’s Workshop Topics

Session 1 Boys and Media

How do you teach a young man to keep his way pure when the red-light district is riding around in his pocket—or his friend’s? How can you help a boy think about the future when all he wants to do is game all day? Media addiction and porn are derailing young men at an alarming rate. Learn to teach your sons a healthy, biblical attitude toward entertainment and sexuality. Get them in the fight because there are no bystanders in this battle, and we don’t want our sons to lose.

E-21 A

Session 2 Middle School Madness

When our children were little, we were pretty great homeschool parents. Then they hit middle school and the wheels fell off the educational train! There seems to be something that makes middle school just plain hard, for nearly everyone. How do you live through it? Is it possible to make the middle school years great? Join Hal & Melanie for doable ideas and real hope for getting through the challenging tween/preteen years and laying a foundation to make high school even better.

E-21 A

Session 5 Never Give Up

It’s easy to get burned out, tired, and overwhelmed as the years pass, but the reasons we are homeschooling become even more important as our children grow up. How can we press on through the challenges of hormones, struggles with learning, and fear of the future—and do what we know is right? This encouraging session looks at the importance of finishing what you’ve started and making it all the way to graduation.

E-10 D

Session 6 Relax Your Homeschool for Academic Success

Is it possible to have well-educated kids without drowning in a sea of drudgery? All six of Hal & Melanie’s homeschool graduates were offered academic scholarships to great colleges, even though they’ve been very relaxed homeschoolers. Learn the difference between learning and schooling—hear what’s important that you get done and what’s not! This workshop will lift your burdens and free you up to enjoy these years with your children and prepare them well for their future.

E-10 D

Session ?? Passing the Baton

It makes no sense to pour our lives into homeschooling, only to stumble at the finish line. We’ve got to pass the baton of Christian adulthood to our children, and it can’t happen overnight. Hal and Melanie talk about this critical time in our children’s lives and how to transition from the benevolent dictator our 11-year-olds need, to the trusted advisor of our adult children. Let’s all finish well, building relationships that will last a lifetime, and discipling our sons and daughters to be servants of the Most High.

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