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Kathy Kuhl

Feature Speaker

Kathy coaches parents teaching children with learning challenges. She provides resources, support, and guidance. After homeschooling her creative, distractible, dyslexic son, Kathy interviewed 64 parents homeschooling students with learning disabilities. Then she wrote Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner, a handbook equipping parents to teach children with many learning challenges. Kathy also wrote Staying Sane as You Homeschool and Encouraging Your Child. She gives workshops and private consultations. To learn more or request a free consultation, visit LearnDifferently.com

Kathy’s Workshop & Session Titles
Thursday 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Special Needs Conference Survive and Thrive in Your Homeschool

While our children have different needs, gifts, and circumstances, as homeschooling parents we share concerns, struggles, and joys. How can we refocus and refresh so we can help our children more effectively? How can we move our homeschools from surviving to thriving? Veteran homeschooler and author Kathy Kuhl shares strategies, encouragement, and practical tips.

Handout for Survive and Thrive.  Click Here.

Thursday Noon to 1 p.m. Special Needs Conference Planning Homeschool with Learning Challenges

Your child struggles with some part of learning, or perhaps has given up. How do you help them begin again? How do you establish wise goals? How will you tell when you’ve reached them? Learn how to work around areas of weakness, strengthen them, and adapt curriculum. Get tips on how to keep going and to help your child keep going.

Handout for Planning. Click Here.

Session 2 Help Distractible Students Succeed

Is your child’s mind a million miles from your lesson? Learn how to change your homeschool to curb distractibility, help your child improve his or her focusing power, and make your homeschool more friendly to that wandering mind, without building a 3-ring circus. Veteran homeschooler and author Kathy Kuhl also discusses the related character issues, and how to teach if you’re distractible.

Handout for Distractible. Click Here.

Session 3 College Bound but Struggling: Tools for Success

When high school becomes challenging, some teens discover that they’ve been unknowingly battling learning disabilities or other challenges. Others have known and progressed doggedly. Is college still possible? Is it the best choice? Learn tools for high school, college, and career success from author Kathy Kuhl. For parents and teens.

Handout for College Bound. Click Here.

Session 4 Screens, Tech, and Learning Challenges

Screen time, smart devices, social media, and online learning offer opportunities and challenges for all families. But for families with children who learn differently—learning disabled, gifted, and/or other special needs—the pros and cons differ. Considering the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects, Kathy Kuhl offers insights and resources to help you navigate the best course for your family.

Handout for Screen Tech. Click Here.

Session 5 When Math Doesn’t Come Easily

How do you teach math effectively to a child with learning challenges? How do you bear tackling math facts again? How do you move beyond the times tables when your child has not mastered them? What are your options for high school math? Veteran homeschooler and math teacher Kathy Kuhl discusses working with children with difficulties in math, and shares strategies you can incorporate into any math curriculum.

Handout for Math. Click Here.

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