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Joel Salatin

Feature Speaker

Joel Salatin, 64, calls himself a Christian libertarian environmentalist capitalist lunatic farmer. With a room full of debate trophies from high school and college days, 15 published books, and a thriving multi-generational family farm, he draws on a lifetime of food, farming, and fantasy to entertain and inspire audiences around the world. He’s as comfortable moving cows in a pasture as addressing CEOs in a Wall Street business conference. He co-owns, together with his family, Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia.

Featured in the New York Times bestseller Omnivore’s Dilemma and award-winning documentary Food Inc., the farm services more than 5,000 families, 50 restaurants, 10 retail outlets, and a farmers’ market with salad bar beef, pigaerator pork, pastured poultry, and forestry products.

When he’s not on the road speaking, he’s at home on the farm—keeping the calluses on his hands and dirt under his fingernails, mentoring young people, inspiring visitors, and promoting local, regenerative food and farming systems.

Salatin writes “Confessions of a Steward,” a monthly column for Plain Values magazine; “Homestead Abundance,” a column for Homestead Living magazine; and three columns a month for the e-magazine Manward. He also co-hosts a podcast titled “Beyond Labels” with co-author of that book, Dr. Sina McCullough. A frequent guest on radio programs and podcasts targeting preppers, homesteaders, and foodies, Salatin’s practical, can-do solutions and passionate soliloquies for sustainability offer everyone food for thought and plans for action.

Joel’s Session Topics
Session 1 Work With Your Kids So They Want To Work With You

Most farms and family businesses lose continuity because parent and child never cultivated rewarding emotional and economic relationships. Centered around 10 commandments to make the kids love working with mom and dad, this challenging and far-reaching presentation offers techniques to eliminate dawdling, cultivate persistence, and stimulate innovation. It also includes structuring and scaling the farm to make room for the next generation.

E-11 A

Session 2 Joel Salatin and Ginny Yurich Earthworm Theology

Farmer Joel Salatin and outdoor enthusiast Ginny Yurich team up to help you appreciate practical and visceral biblical understanding through the majesty and mystery of nature. The soil is full of invisible beings, just like the spiritual universe. Respecting the glory of pigs is the foundation of respecting the glory of God. Decomposition in compost as fertilizer for life is a beautiful picture of dying to self, bringing full life to the believer. Getting off screens, out of the house, and immersed in creation offers countless insights into spiritual growth.

E-11 A

Session 3 Creating Resilience In Unstable Times

Resilience is like a buffer against shocks of instability. We’re feeling a lot of bumps these days. In this fast-paced workshop, Salatin offers a recipe to reduce fragility in these disturbing times. These include how to earn less cash and still thrive, eat more nutritiously for less money, and build functional complementary relationships. He suggests we invest in proximate people who know how to build things, grow things, and fix things. Disentangling from the system in areas beyond education is the resilience objective.

E-11 A

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