Homeschool Virginia Questions moving districts

Homeschooling and Moving Districts

When you homeschool and are moving districts within the state, the law requires you to inform the division superintendent in your new locale “as soon as practicable” that you are in his district and will begin homeschooling.

You may inform your superintendent by either calling the office or sending a letter, or you may choose to file a “Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction” form. You will have thirty days from your notification date to complete the requirements in order to fully comply with the homeschool statute.

As a courtesy, but not required by law, you may let the superintendent of your previous Virginia school district know that you have moved from his district. They will no longer expect yearly evidence of progress.

After Moving Districts

Since you have relocated, all correspondence regarding your Notice of Intent and evidence of progress should be sent to the new superintendent.

Homeschool Virginia Questions moving districts
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