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Homeschool Transcript Electives

Q. My daughter takes piano lessons and is starting ninth grade this year. Do piano lessons count toward an elective on her homeschool transcript?

A. Yes, piano lessons can count as a music elective. Other special interests or activities, such as dance, drama, art, sports, photography, sewing, computer repair, part-time jobs, driver’s education, volunteer work, and community service, etc., can also be included as electives. On a homeschool transcript, you can decide to give a full credit or 1/2 credit for an elective based on the hours of work. A full credit is usually given for 120 to 150 hours of time spent on the activity.

Homeschool Transcript

The HEAV website also offers a homeschool transcript service that computes the points and GPA and helps you create a professional-looking transcript. Be sure to check out the transcript Q&A, which is packed with information!

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