Learning to Give – Homemade Gifts and Crafts

A lot of children are very familiar with the joy of receiving gifts—especially around holiday time! But these homemade gifts are beautiful tools to help you show that the joy of giving can be equally or even more rewarding. Take the opportunity to blend your “homeschool” and “living” together by creating heartfelt gifts together while practicing and reinforcing various concepts from art, science, math, and more!

This scratch art family portrait is a lovely project for older and younger children to work on together. You probably remember these colorful craft projects from your childhood, but you might not have known they were so easy to make yourself! This is a fun idea that kids of any age will enjoy working on, and older ones can help the younger ones with the painting step. 

This plastic shrink art bracelet utilizes another retro-style craft to make a beautiful, wearable piece of art, but it will require the assistance of an adult or older child with good hand-eye coordination, as well as an adult’s supervision for the baking part. It’s also an excellent “up-cycling” project that allows you to reuse an item that would otherwise be thrown away.

Outdoor games can be simple to create and personalize, and make great family gifts.

These lawn dominos from Iron and Twine can be personalized with all kinds of colors and themes. Keep in mind that this project is fairly time and labor intensive, and it isn’t actually necessary to use the paint brand suggested in the article.

Potato soup mix in a jar is a fun, hearty alternative to the popular baking-mix-in-a-jar concept. You can make a large batch of simple gifts for church or group members, or dress up the gift with a couple of cute bowls to make a personalized and useful gift basket.

Looking for more handmade gift ideas? Check out this Homeschool Living for a sweet assortment of DIY gift ideas, from upcycled water bottle wind spinners, and tin can lanterns to memory jars, artwork candles, and recycled paper beads.

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