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Let Freedom Ring!Liberty Bell History Unit Study

Kick off your homeschool year with a cool history unit study, and maybe even a family field trip! On September 1, 1752, the Liberty Bell completed its journey up the Delaware River and arrived in Philadelphia. Take the opportunity to incorporate a Liberty Bell unit study into your curriculum.

Tara Ross posts a variety of “This Day in History” study topics on her website. Check out her brief timeline of the bell’s usage here.

Did you know that our Liberty Bell wasn’t always “The Liberty Bell”? This article from Smithsonian.com details how the bell developed into the historical icon it is today.

If you’re planning a trip to Philadelphia, Constitutional Walking Tours offers a variety of guided tours featuring over 20 historic sites, including the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. 

If a physical field trip doesn’t fit into your plans this fall, you can download a virtual version of the Philadelphia walking tour (requires completion of a request form). The Powerpoint presentation is also an excellent planning resource, whether you want a sneak peak before you take a guided tour or would like some ideas of must-see locations for your own self-guided field trip.  

This blog post from Unschool Rules chronicles a family field trip to Philadelphia and includes a variety of resources they used in the planning and for further study.

A hands-on project can be an invaluable part of any history unit study, particularly for kinesthetic or tactile learners. This Liberty Bell art project allows for a lot of creative influence and experimentation with different mediums and art styles. It’s a great project for a group of students of different ages to all participate in together, or as a simple way to keep little hands busy while being read to or while older students work independently.

This kid-friendly historical fiction account of the Liberty Bell’s precarious position during the Revolutionary War is surprisingly accurate and well-researched, as well as engaging for younger students:

Saving the Liberty Bell by Megan McDonald

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