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Virginia Home Education Month: Reasons for Homeschooling

February is Home Education Month in Virginia, and it provides an excellent opportunity for homeschoolers to share their reasons for homeschooling and promote the benefits of homeschooling in their communities across Virginia. This Homeschool Living focuses on myriad reasons for homeschooling, shares advice on how to homeschool, and offers help for homeschoolers who are transitioning from traditional school or facing some resistance along the way.

Reasons for Homeschooling

Angie Tolpin of Courageous Mom shares her family’s eleven reasons for homeschooling as part of an intentional, Christ-centered lifestyle.

Homeschooling can become part of a family’s life in many different ways. Check out this blog post by Patricia Marie, in which she shares how she sees homeschooling as a natural extension of parenting her children.

What do your homeschooled kids miss by not attending public school? More importantly, does it matter? Lynna Sutherland of Homeschooling Without Training Wheels shares her thoughts on this all-too-familiar homeschool criticism.

How to Homeschool

What if your decision to homeschool is a bit more abrupt than some? Check out this Homeschool Q&A for advice on removing your child from public school mid-year.

There are a variety of homeschooling methods, and mixing and matching elements of these styles to fit your family can leave you with an overwhelming number of options. Start by exploring these five “flavors” of homeschooling to get an idea of the methods that might work best for your homeschool.

Help for Homeschoolers

It can be challenging to transition your children from a public or private school to homeschool. Older students who have been accustomed to a traditional school day and made friends in their school may find it especially difficult. Kris Bales of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers shares ten tips she wishes she had known when she and her children made their own transition from public school to homeschool.

Here is another article from our friends at Arizona Families for Home Education that shares things you might experience when you decide to homeschool after public school. Some of the advice pertains to the laws of that state, so be sure to see the Virginia Law page for information specific to Virginia.

What do you do when your kids protest that they don’t want to be homeschooled? Heather of Only Passionate Curiosity shares the importance of getting to the root of the complaint, re-igniting excitement and passion in your homeschool, and exercising your authority as a parent to decide how to best raise your children.

National home education month - homeschool living

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