Let’s Pick Our Brains: Exploring the Electrifying Nervous System

With Dr. Lainna Callentine of Sciexperience

Fasten your seat belts as you embark on a homeschool science dissection lab–a fantastic voyage through both the human body and the computer with Dr. Lainna Callentine and D.R. Callentine as your tour guides. In this compelling, interactive hands-on workshop, you will learn about God’s original computer and compare it to man’s design. See how your eyes work and how optical illusions fool your brain. Transport yourself into the fascinating and complex world of brain anatomy and physiology while peering into computer design. Dr. Callentine “brings the brain to life,” drawing you to the wonderful world of neuroscience as only a doctor can. D.R. propels you in the technological sinews of computers from an electrical engineering prospective. This STEM activity will blow your mind. *Each student will receive half a brain to dissect.

Some examples of the activities include brain dissection by participants, demonstration of spinal cord dissection, comparison of different types of brains, and activities comparing God’s design of the brain and man’s design through engineering technology.

This event may be bundled with the writing clinic at a reduced rate. Students ages 11 and 12 may attend with a parent.

Homeschool Science Dissection Lab: $39/student; $10/accompanying parent

High School Writing Clinic-Dissection Lab Combo: $69/student; $20/accompanying parent

Middle School Writing Clinic-Dissection Lab Combo: $49/student, ages 11-14; $15/accompanying parent. (Students ages 11 and 12 must attend the dissection portion with a parent.)

Dissection Lab Student-01


$39/student, $10/accompanying parent


13 and up


Thursday, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

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