HEAV Choral Workshop and Performance

Essentials in Writing has teamed up with HEAV to offer an amazing choir opportunity for students 14 to 18 years old.

We’re sorry! Registration is closed, but you can still enjoy the music at the convention!

All-State Convention Choir

Essentials in Writing has teamed up with HEAV to offer an amazing choir opportunity for students aged 14 to 18! Join in monthly webinars with other students across the region under the direction of conductor Matthew Stephens, followed by choral workshops during the convention in June—and culminating in a performance in front of a live audience.

Whatever your skill level—if you love to sing, don’t miss this unique opportunity to lift your voice and experience music, creativity, expression, and artistry in a way not often available to homeschool students.

There is no registration fee, as the event is sponsored by Essentials in Writing. Your student commits to learning the music provided and participating in monthly rehearsals webinar from February to May, as well as all three choir workshops onsite at the convention.


There is NO registration fee. (Essentials in Writing is sponsoring the event!)


Students will be required to attend monthly rehearsal webinars February to May where they will learn choral singing technique.


Students must be aged 14 by January 7, 2019, to audition..

See this inspirational example!

  • Students must be registered for the convention.
  • Music will be provided to all students.
  • MP3 rehearsal files will be provided to students to help them learn their part.
  • Students will submit monthly milestone audio check-ins to Mr. Stephens.
  • Students must attend the Choral Workshops and performances at the convention (see details below.)c

How to Audition

The purpose of the audition process is to determine the vocal range of singers and their skill level related to: matching pitch, staying in tune, and reading music. This information will be used to choose music for performances that are in line with skill level. First, register for the convention. Then, submit the audition video to 417-255-4210, NO LATER THAN February 11, 2019.


Students will complete the form on the website and submit an audition video to the number listed. Using an iPhone or other device, students will submit a recording in which they
  • State their full name and age
  • Sing a major scale
  • Sing “Happy Birthday to You”
  • Sight read music provided on the website for those who can (not required)
  • Auditions may be no longer than 2 minutes
  • All auditions must be with the voice alone with no music Submit the audition video to 417-255-4210.


  • Students will be provided sheet music and mp3 file to learn the music. Sheet music and mp3 files will be sent February 15.
  • Students must submit a monthly milestone audio check-in to Mr. Stephens and participate in monthly webinar rehearsals February to May. (Note: If students have a time conflict, they may watch the webinar rehearsal later and provide the requested feedback.)

Choral Workshops/Rehearsals and Performance

Three rehearsals will be held at the convention: Thursday evening, Friday morning, and Friday afternoon. Potential performances may include any of the following: opening convention graduation, on the demo stage, or in the registration lobby.

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