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How is the Bible still relevant in our world today? Doesn’t the fossil record prove evolution?

Answering Real World Questions

with Carl Kerby

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How do we respond to highly visible and articulate anti-Christian scientists? Young adults—indeed, all of us—are bombarded with secular misinformation and contradictions. In six dynamic sessions, Carl will use multimedia presentation to tackle the questions that the world is throwing at us. The teens will see that the Bible has answers that make sense.

Sessions Include

Becoming Bold:Know it! Live it! Share it!

The church is losing its next generation at an alarming rate. What can we do about it? Anywhere from 50–88% of the young people raised in Bible-believing Christian homes walk away from the church after age 18. In this talk, Carl examines the causes of this huge exodus, but then shows that by starting with the Bible, solutions can be offered to this massive problem in the church. Teaching just Bible stories to our children isn’t working; young people in our churches need to know how to stand uncompromisingly on the authority and accuracy of the Bible so that they can answer the skeptical questions of the age. This is the keynote talk for Reason for Hope’s Becoming Bold conferences, where our challenge is to “Know it! Live it! and Share it!” This talk will address all three of these issues.
Note: Parents are encouraged to attend this workshop, which is open to all on Friday at 10:30 a.m.

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$39/student for Friday and Saturday


Sessions run concurrently with the scheduled workshop sessions.


This program is for students ages 12 and up.

What About Fossils?

Let’s talk about fossils and what the evidence actually supports. Slow, gradual processes or rapid, catastrophic processes? This entertaining talk will challenge the belief that the fossil record supports the teaching of millions of years. A proper understanding of what the ‘evidence’ shows in the fossil record is vital to having Biblical answers in today’s world. We will cover how bias and worldviews affect the way that we see the world around us. Several common questions will be explored, including, “What do fossils really show us?”and “Doesn’t it take millions of years for fossil formation?” and “What about the phylogenetic charts of many animal families ‘proving’ evolution?” You will learn how to look at these things with a critical eye. The information in this talk will help prepare you to reconnect the Bible to the real world. This talk will address the “Know it!” challenge.

What About Human Evolution?

Everyone knows humans evolved from ape-like ancestors, right? Let’s look at the evidence and see! In our world today, we’re inundated with the message that man evolved over millions of years. Our school systems, television programs, movies, and even music push this message on us constantly. But what does the ‘evidence’ really show? Using information from the “Revealing the Link” website, Carl will discuss the supposed evolutionary ‘ancestors’ used there to “prove” human evolution. This includes the world-famous “Lucy.” Once we look beyond the veneer at what the actual evidence shows, you may be surprised! We can and need to have answers to these issues today. This talk is a part of the “Becoming Bold Conference – Live at the 3 Mile Project.” It addresses the “Know it!” & “Share it!” challenge.

Answering Skeptics: Richard Dawkins

Dr. Dawkins isn’t known for being friendly! Can Christians withstand his attack? Watch and see. Richard Dawkins is one of the most antagonistic of the “new atheists.” In this talk, Carl takes a video by Dr. Dawkins—where he ambushed then President of Concerned Women for America, Wendy Wright—and addresses the questions raised.Christians need to be aware that if Richard Dawkins is using an argument, hundreds of those that follow his every move will use it. Using secular sources, Carl will show that the claims Dawkins makes are not that difficult to respond to. The problem is not in the evidence—the problem is in the interpretation of the evidence. What about homo erectus? What about homo habilus? What about austrolopithecus? What about children having “gill slits” as they develop in their mothers’ wombs? These and many other questions will be addressed. This talk is designed to address the “Know it!” component of the Reasons for Hope ministry.

Something from Nothing–and You Think We Have a Problem?

“If ‘On the Origin of Species’ was biology’s deadliest blow to supernaturalism, we may come to see ‘A Universe from Nothing as the equivalent from cosmology” (New York Times, 03/23/12). See for yourself from a critique of the video of Dr. L.M. Krause’s book tour with Dr. R. Dawkins. Which makes more sense—that God created everything, or that NOTHING created everything?

Evangelism 101

Carl shares from his heart in this powerful, thought-provoking talk that will challenge you to evangelize the lost! If we want to reach the world today with the Gospel we’re going to have as many tools at our disposal as possible. One tool that everyone of us can use is conversation! In this talk Carl uses clips from a popular TV program from Showtime featuring the entertainers Penn and Teller attacking Christianity and the Bible. Carl shows ho— and how NOT—to answer the attacks leveled against Christians. The conclusion is one not soon forgotten, where the “power of conversation” is seen firsthand. This presentation will help and challenge audiences to be both real and relevant as they learn to talk with—not at—people, in order to impact the culture. This talk is a part of the “Becoming Bold Conference – Live at the 3 Mile Project” and will address the “Share it!” challenge.

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