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#GivingTuesday, a day that follows Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, has inspired the spirit of giving inherent in this season–and HEAV is privileged to be a part of it!

Join us today on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to be inspired by stories of homeschoolers who found encouragement when they needed it most, to follow our progress and cheer us on, and to give when you are able. Together, we can help keep #HomeschoolStrong in Virginia!

Read on for some encouragement now!

Why Support HEAV?

HEAV Stands with You…

…to find a program that meets your child’s individual needs.

Discouraged by failure and stress in a public school, a mom enrolled her child in a K-12 virtual program, which then frustrated her child as much as a classroom. Distressed, she call our office near tears. HEAV clarified the difference between a public K-12 virtual school and a parent-directed homeschool–and helped her find individualized curriculum that fit her special child, withdraw from  virtual school, and file a Notice of Intent.


Why Support HEAV?

HEAV Stands with You…

…as you stand up to school officials.

When Henrico County would not accept a particular curriculum under the homeschool statute’s option (iii), the parents called HEAV. We were able to intervene explaining that the statute’s reference to a program which may be delivered “in any other manner” gave the superintendent’s office no statutory authority to approve or disapprove the curriculum–confirmed by referencing the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) handbook.


Why Support HEAV?

HEAV Stands with You…

…when you fight for your homeschool rights.

In Hanover, a superintendent’s designee insisted a homeschool be put on probation because a student had several sub-test scores that were below the 23rd percentile. The parent contacted HEAV for help. HEAV helped them understand that though sub-test scores may be lower than the 23rd percentile, the total score or composite score as required by §22.1-254.1(C) was above the 23rd percentile or 4th stanine. After a review of the law and communication with officials, the parent received no probation.


Why Support HEAV?

HEAV Stands with You…

…ANY time  you have a homeschool question!

Every day, our team of counselors take calls from PARENTS LIKE YOU. Parents who had questions about

  • Testing their special needs child
  • What to do when they submit test scores and Notice of Intent late;
  • Have struggles with their support group;
  • The difference between a private school with a remote campus and a homeschool
  • A teen who doesn’t want to be homeschooled
  • Truancy problems when when they withdrew from government school
  • differences between homebound instruction and home education
  • Homeschooling and the military
  • How a parent without a high school diploma can homeschool
  • How to opt-out their five-year-old from kindergarten
  • the certified tutor statute vs.homeschool statute
  • And many other questions

We’re privileged to be there for them…to answer questions, help resolve issues, and encourage them to success. Won’t you help?

Please support HEAV on #GivingTuesday, and let us continue to be #StrongerTogether.

#HomeschoolStrong #HEAVstandswithyou

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