Days are set aside to give thanks…and to shop for great deals.

Did you know there is a day to give back?

Donate. Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday

#HomeschoolStrong. #GivingTuesday.

After Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday comes #GivingTuesday, a day that celebrates the selflessness inherent in the season, and that has inspired giving around the world–and enabled people like YOU to make a difference.

Do you cherish your Virginia homeschool freedoms? Here’s a chance to make a difference on #GivingTuesday, November 27!


 This year, you have a chance to participate with HEAV!

BEFORE Giving Tuesday: 1, 2, 3, Smile for Instagram!

You don’t have to wait until November 27. Join us for a fun Instagram challenge! Just upload an image–any kind of a selfie or other pose (when you’re homeschooling, LIVING your homeschool, or just having fun!)  Be sure to tag it #HomeschooStrong  #HEAVorg  #GivingTuesday

HEAV Giving Tuesday Instagram Challenge #2 HEAV Giving Tuesday Instagram Challenge #1

If you’d like to put the #HomeschoolStrong logo on it, you can download it here. Then use Canva or other photo-editing software to over lay it on your picture. Too complicated? Just send your image to, and we’ll take care of that for you! 🙂

Then, on #GivingTuesday…

Join us on Facebook throughout the day–we have a lot of fun things planned: live video, contests, games and more! You’ll get to meet HEAV team members, get live updates, and enter giveaways. Be sure to follow us if you haven’t already!

Also, when we reach milestones, we’ll be giving away prizes throughout the day to everyone! They will be given away live on Facebook. so you’ll want to be sure to follow us.

Please help us out by sharing our Facebook posts and e-mails and donating whatever you can. Together, we can #HomeschoolStrong!

Double- and Triple-Match Challenges

One of the favorite elements of #GivingTuesday has been the double- and triple-match challenges. Don’t you LOVE the idea that their donation will go two or three times as far! Depending on funds, we run two or three, 30-minute challenges throughout the day, and those periods bring in the bulk of our Giving Tuesday donations.

Would you consider giving to our donation match challenge? (Your donation would go twice as far, too—as Giving Tuesday donors step up to meet the challenge.) Click here to make a match! (Be sure to choose Giving Tuesday as your donation type.)

Will you be a part of #GivingTuesday?

Why Support HEAV?

In their own words…

“HEAV is my voice in the legislature! Anytime there is threat to homeschooling or a concerning bill, HEAV alerts me and keeps me up to date.”

“We are SO blessed to live in the state of Virginia and have HEAV! Many times during the conference, I actually welled up with tears….thinking of how we are reaping the rewards of DECADES of labor on the part of many dedicated parents. There is far more going on behind the scenes than we ever realize. HEAV is a TREMENDOUS blessing and we do not take it for granted.” ~Mary Cherry

We can’t wait to share more testimonies like these all day long on November 27!

Remember! Upload YOUR favorite #HomeschoolStrong image to Instagram, or send it to and we’ll upload it for you!

HEAV Party for #GivingTuesday


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