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Making Music in Your Homeschool

by Megan Bittner

Music lessons may sometimes seem like an unnecessary burden on an already overloaded student’s schedule. Or perhaps you struggle with incorporating music appreciation into your homeschool because you don’t consider yourself “musical.” This Homeschool Living explores the benefits of learning music, and offers helpful tips and encouragement both for teaching music in your homeschool and inspiring a love of music in your child.


Music in the Brain

Why should a kid learn to play a musical instrument? Explore some unexpected physical, social, and academic benefits of learning a musical instrument.

This fascinating article from Science Daily discusses the effects that music has on the human brain.  

Learn how music can help improve brain health and function with Be Brain Fit.

There are many great ways music can be used as a teaching tool and learning device.

Music in the Home

Explore different types of music, experiment with a variety of instrument types, or just have some good old-fashioned fun with these 42 creative homemade musical instruments from How Wee Learn.

These tips for choosing the “right” musical instrument for your child include helpful guidance for taking your child’s age and physical abilities into consideration.

Reading–or teaching–sheet music can seem daunting at first. But once you’ve mastered it, a whole new world of musical possibilities opens up. Learn the basics from Musicnotes.com.

Music in the Heart

This article from OpenLearn.com explains how the elements, form, and listening environment affect our enjoyment of the music and its effect on our brains.

Check out these eleven ways to encourage a love for music in kids from And Next Comes L.

This music map offers a wealth of information on the history and genealogy of many musical genres.

Your child doesn’t have to be signed up for Tuesday afternoon piano lessons to reap the benefits of musical instructions. Lynna Sutherland of Homeschooling Without Training Wheels explores the benefits of singing hymns in your homeschool.

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